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Mount Olympus: My New Home?

Oh almighty and powerful Zeus, supreme god of the Olympians, how humbled am I to be in your presence. I am the one called Charlidite, god of dreams. I am the offspring of Nyx, goddess of night, and Hypnos, god of sleep. The moment Hermes, your herald, informed me of the open spot on Mount Olympus, I knew that I was the perfect god to fill your vacancy. I know that I am ideal for the open position on Mount Olympus because I have the power to control every dream of each god, goddess, and mortal.

You will find, great one, that my resume is quite vast, and filled with many years of prior experience and accomplishments. I have been living for 19,236 years, so I have been the inspiration for many a philosophy, quest, and battle . I am the one who inspired the great thinkers called Socrates, Aristotle, and Homer. Their great philosophies came to be because I appeared to them in a dream and revealed the answers to their ever pending riddles. I am also the god responsible for the journey of Gilgamesh, the epic hero. I showed Gilgamesh’s friend, Enkidu, through a dream, the afterlife for the mortals who depart to the underworld. Enkidu’s dream causes Gilgamesh to desire immortality. His quest, however, serves to teach him a lesson. I am also responsible for the defeat of the minotaur by Theseus. I believe my greatest accomplishment yet was when I appeared to Jason, leader of the Argonauts, in multiple dreams and always gave him his next step on his journey to finding the golden fleece. If you grant me the honor of joining the other gods on Mount Olympus, great Zeus, it will be, by far, my greatest and most awaited accomplishment yet.

What can I, Charlidite, possibly do for the gods of Mount Olympus and the mortals who inhabit the entire world? You, supreme ruler, have control over all matter during consciousness, or awareness, but I have power over all things when they are sub-conscious, or asleep. I have the power to control every mortal’s dream, so I can make them dream about serving you and all the other worthy gods. Behold this poor mortal. Oh mortal, when you wake from your slumber, you shall serve the great and almighty Zeus for the rest of your days. This also means that the noisy mortals on earth will never have to keep you up at night with their loud cavorting again. Also, I can make you, as well as all the other gods, dream about whatever you would like. If you are bored with your sleeping, simply ask me to place a dream in your mind. Anything that you would like to experience or see can be made possible in your dreams.

Remember that I will only perform my tasks at your command, great one, so I will never trick you or the other gods for all of my days. I know that I am the perfect god to fill the position on Mount Olympus because I control the sub conscious mind. Great things can be accomplished in your name, Zeus, if you would just give me the chance. Thank you for your time, for I know it is precious. I hope that you will consider me, Charlidite, god of dreams, to be the new god on Mount Olympus.

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