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Nercika's Discovery: Part One

To Nercika, the baby Aisha, it seemed like every pet she knew had something they were passionate about. Her sister Fekya was passionate about everything biscuit-related, Shariqa the Poogle loved bright colors and rainbows, and her friend Humperdink loved the Christmas spirit. Nercika had always thought long and hard about what she really, truly loved about Neopia, but she could never find one single thing that she adored. What could it be? She was determined to figure it out.

One day, while she was lying warm and cozy in her cloud cot, an idea suddenly popped into Nercika’s adorable, little head. Her idea was so great that she couldn’t keep herself from smiling. She smiled so much that her light blue cheeks began to hurt. She was going to travel all over the World of Neopia to discover her one true love. She knew that her idea couldn’t fail, so she skipped quickly through the house to tell her mommy, Xepha, about her wonderful idea.

“I’ll miss you very much, but I know that you must do this, Nercika,” said Xepha with a small tear on her cheek. “Always remember that you can come home if you don’t find what you’re searching for.”

So with a nod and a kiss on her forehead, Nercika set forth to find her dream. She knew exactly where she wanted to begin her quest. But how was she going to get up that high in the air? She wished, and wished, and wished for a miracle.

Suddenly, Nercika was lifted off the ground and flew up, up, and up until she was 10,000 feet above Neopia. She was floating in mid air! As she gazed down at the amazing sight, she wondered “How did I get up here?” It felt as if a special force was guiding her. Her question, however, was never answered. When her senses finally returned to her, Nercika realized where she was. She had arrived at the fluffy world of Faerieland.

To be continued…

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