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V's Playlist

I’ve decided to write a post about my playlist. I think I’m feeling a bit depressed right now, so the songs that I’m picking aren’t all happy-happy… but they are still good!

1. {SONG} – 1985 by Bowling For Soup

Incredibly amazing! The beat is good, the lyrics are good, and I find it very entertaining! Listen to it, you might get addicted to the “woohoohoo” too :P.

2. {SONG} – Sam’s Town (Abbey Road Version) by The Killers

I quite like this version of Sam’s Town… it can make me cry when I’m slightly depressed because the piano is accentuating the lyrics perfectly. The whole album (Sawdust) is amazing too… but this song is my favorite!

3. {SONG} – Get Out Alive by Three Days Grace

This song is quite new to my playlist, but I like it too… it’s a bit darker than some other songs I listen to, but still really good.

4. {SONG} – Love Song by Sara Bareilles

This song is refreshing… quite like Spring 🙂

5. {SONG} – Torn by Natalie Imbruglia

Not a new song… but still one of my favorite. You just can feel the emotion from it.

6. {SONG} – Aerials by System of A Down

Most favorite song by System of a Down ever! Yet, another quite depressing song…

7. {SONG} – Unwell by Matchbox Twenty

It’s not an amazing song, but I like the lyrics and what the song is about… I start to sing it randomly when I’m not feeling so good… and it raises my hopes up, for no reason!

8. {SONG} – Crawling in the Dark by Hoobastank

Unless “The Reason” by the same group, this song is rocking and you won’t fall asleep while listening to it!

9. {SONG} – Island in the Sun by Weezer

I wish I was on an island in the Sun… really! Great song, makes me want the winter to finish like NOW!

10. {SONG} – Ian is Amazingly Beautiful by Eisley

Thedailyneopets Owner’s name is Ian… and his friends create a facebook name called “Ian is Amazingly Beautiful”. I was curious about it, so I went to see what it was… and then I heard THAT SONG! Please please please, do not listen to it! It’s stucked in my mind and it’s not even good! (But Ian is truely amazing :p)

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