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The Graveyard Shift

It is not exactly my dream job, but hey, it puts money in my pocket.  It is my first day working the graveyard shift at a graveyard, which is sort if ironic, on Semoila St.  I walked slowly down the street, guided by the light of the flickering street lamps.  Staring at the gate, I took out my key out and inserted it into the rusting lock on the gate. “Hey Darrell!” shouted an exhilarated Henery Harrismon, “what are you doing out at his time of night?”  “New job,” I answered back.  With that, I opened the elaborately decorated gate, which took some effort, and continued along.  Suddenly, without warning, the ground shifted beneath my feet.  This resulted in my ankle turning to an awkward angle.  I collapsed onto the ground in a limp heap, and as much as I tried, could mot resist against the force pulling me into the soggy, sandy ground.             Slowly, but steadily, the moon was reaching the horizon of my sight.  I felt as if my back was glued to the soil.  Up my back I felt a creeping feeling caused by someone, or something that made me shiver.  I was engulfed by the soggy soil as my journey through the ground came to an end.  I dropped the final feet of my decent hitting the rocky ground.   The unmoving rock was assurance that the ground beneath me was solid and unmoving.  “Oh my gosh!” I screamed with pure terror.  The sight presented before my eyes, an elegant yet transparent lady, hovered directly above my head.           The closer that she got, the more entranced I became by her overall appearance.  Surprisingly, I felt as though I had known her all of my life as Darrell Semolia.  “Destiny has brought us together,” she quietly whispered in a hypnotized drone.  I froze like a statue as she put her boney hand on my shoulder.  A freezing chill ran through my veins.  “My name is Shardene Semolia.  I have been buried down here for many centuries, silently waiting for another Semolia to come.  The time presents itself right before my eyes,” spoke Shardene in a tone as chilling as her voice.  I quivered in fear and uncertainty not knowing her next move.  Thoughts passed through my mind at the mention of her name.  I am the one she is looking for, as I am a Semolia.             Shardene looked straight through me with a piercing glance as I backed up against the cavernous dirt wall.  “My time for life has arrived!” she screeched.  With that, she floated swiftly over to me.  Shardene reached forward with a glowing blue hand right at me.  When her ghostly hand touched my flesh, everything happened at once.  The grave spun.  My body turned rigid and cold, and my soul was being extracted from my body.  “One life can replace another only with the soul of a brother.  You have given me my life back Darrell Semolia, literally!” she said with a cackle.  Then my world stopped.  I floated up, and saw my new transparent body.  Shardene Semolia took my place in the world, and I received hers as a ghost.     

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