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Enough Pollution To Kill A Planet

Before the time of life of Earth, life on Mars flourished like plants in a rainforest.  The Namuhs were the prominent species, like humans are on Earth in present day.  A Namuh named Lolidia and her assistant Sporg were preparing to go on a deep sea sampling expedition.  They would drill downward through the ocean floor to test for chemicals, composition, and a plethora of other things.  Everything was going as planned.  Lolidia and Sporg were loaded and strapped down into the bulky submersible which made a deafening hum as the engine began to roar.  Then they were lowered slowly into the dark lazy waters that beckoned them down into its depths.  They then navigated through the waters to the ocean floor.  Everything went well until the drilling began.            By using a remote control, a robotic claw drilled into the rock and gas deep inside of Mars.  Suddenly, the animatronic chemisensor screamed at me and flashed a warning red on the read-outs.  Lolidia had hit a carbon monoxide supply.  The gas gushed out as fast as a Namuh cub on a sugar rush.  Carbon monoxide soon filled the entire area.  This gradually killed all surrounding ocean life.  When the gas reached the surface, the air became contaminated by the fatal gas.  The planet became a lethal gas chamber.            “No!”  This carbon monoxide supply must have come from all of the radioactive uranium 823.  After eight half-lives enough of the atoms have transformed to kill all life on this planet!”  Sporg whispered to Lolidia desperately.  Sporg was correct as always.  Life forms were dying left and right.  Within a time of thirty minutes all life exposed to air or water would vanish forever.  Lolidia was in total shock.  Her careless blunder will cause a mass extinction that only she and Sporg would survive if they could first find a way to get off this doomed planet.  Lolidia would use the fly function on their UEV (underwater exploration vehicle).  Sporg loaded the purification tank with the toxic water and filtered it.  The tank, that expanded as it was filled, sucked in enough gallons to empty part of the ocean.  When it was filled, it was portly as an elephant.  With that, they emerged through the surface of the remaining water left after taking what was needed on another planet.              Using the currents for takeoff the ship threw itself into the air and towards the closest planet, Earth.  While looking out the window on their journey Lolidia saw the Andromeda Galaxy, Beetleguise, and the source of life, the sun.  After a grueling six hours, landing gear was emitted out onto the rough rock covered ground.  Sporg released the now cleansed water onto the planet.  This left Mars without life and hardly any water, while Earth now had its first complex life forms.  This is why Mars hardly has any water and has no life.  Mars

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