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Lazer Laptop (Story 1)

    One day, in the amazingly loud city of Dial-Up Downtown, Lazer Laptop has come to save the people from their evil dictator. The evilly ruling dictator is named, Dial-Up (which the city is named after).  He is slowly freezing up the town, and keeping them from speeding up.  For example in Broadband Bunkers, everyone is quick as a lightning strike.  Lazer Laptop has heard about the problem often.  Finally, he has found Dial-Up’s true weakness, his central control system crashing down.

Pink Imac

  Lazer Laptop lands softly and carefully on the dirt covered ground.  He surveys his badly connected surroundings and outdated Windows.  Suddenly, he hears an awful racket that sounded like a room full of cats and dogs.  “Dial-Up,” whispered Lazer.  Slowly, Lazer turned around with his cape flapping in the wind.  Dial-Up’s appearance is a mix between an old fashioned telephone and a computer.  Lazer made a sudden move, and used his mouse to hit the phone segment of Dial-Up easily.  The phone-line disconnected and suddenly shut him down.“Nooooooooo!” yelled Dial-Up as his screen turned blank and he fell to the ground.  Lazer was proud of his heroically quick thinking.  With a flick of his mouse Lazer Laptop ordered from Apple.com new iMacs for everyone and the city began to move at the speed of light. Lazer “Printer” Laptop had saved the day once again.

“My work here is done” he said triumphantly.  Lazer Laptop flew off into the sky in search of other towns hindered by their outdated technology.

*Tune in next week for another edition of Lazer Laptop!*


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  1. March 30, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    : O

    HAHAHAHA!! Omg! That is … well! Hilarious!
    Superheroes shouldn’t have capes – they get caught in things!

    Why does Lazer Laptop use a mouse? -is he a macbook or a macbook air?

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