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My Top Ten List of Must Have Songs

*Start time: 11:20a.m.*

1. Everything I’d Do, I’d do for you – Bryan Adams

Number one on my list is a song I cant remember a time I didnt like it. Theme song to Robin Hood: Prince of Theives, my most watched/favorite movie, you cant go wrong with it. sure, it’s a little corny, and it’s a little overly dramatic, but what ballad isnt? Point made.

2. Angel Eyes – Jeff Healy

What girl doesnt wanna hear a guy call her “Angel Eyes” especially from the guy she is in love with? They lyrics are written so sincerely that you can just see this guy talking to the girl he’s in love with, and you believe every word he says when you hear him say “How did I ever win your live? What did I do, what did I say, to turn your angel eyes my way?” Just wonderful.

3. Superman – Five for Fighting

Because we all feel like we have too much to deal with sometimes.

4. Indie Rock and Roll – The Killers

“It’s what I want, it’s in my soul it’s what I need.” It’s Indie rock and roll for me.

5. Paper Bag – Fiona Apple

This song was introduced to me by Stefan, before he was my husband. Sadly, Fiona Apple was introduced to me by him too. I say sadly because that means I’ve only had Fiona’s music for about 6 years now. Her vocal skills are incredible, her song writing talent is remarkable. I’ve not met a Fiona Apple song I didnt like, but Paper Bag is one of the best. Shadow Boxer is pretty amazing too.

6. Mushaboom – Fiest

Beautiful vocals, and unlike anything else I like, so if you like different and need something fresh to listen to, Fiest is great stuff. She’s got a coffee shop sound I love. ^_^

7. Heroes of the Sidewalk – Two Hours Traffic

Clever lyrics that are fun and interesting, the rhyming is why I love this song so much. “Well I’m dressed just like new glove / Can tell in your eyes it’s like a true love”. It’s just great.

8. Drops of Jupiter – Train

I can like a song just cause I like a song. šŸ™‚ But honestly the poetry to this song is great too.

9. If You’re Not The One – Daniel Bedingfield

This song just makes me wanna slow down or even stop and just listen for the 4 minutes it plays. Beautiful voice, lyrics, and sound. It’s strong and moving. This song moves me. (If you can get the acoustic version too, wow. It’s just wonderful. I wish I could sing like him.)

10. Janie’s Got a Gun – Aerosmith

Because it’s got strong lyrics, because people needed to stop ignoring the victims. Because it’s a great song, and because it took stepping out for Aerosmith to actually record it in the first place.

11. Cannon Ball – Damien Rice

It’s all about the lyrics, with Damien.. but the artistic style of his instrumentation.. just a great song writer / singer / performer. I liked him, but when I saw him in concert.. wow. You really have to hear him play live to really appreciate the crescendo he loves to utilize. Beautiful works, all his songs are great.

12. I Think God Can Explain – Splender

I’ve felt this song personally too. It’s a great song though.. just good stuff.

13. Hannah – Robert Downey Jr.

Just a good song. And I’m a huge RDJ fan. (I bought the GQ this month cause he’s on it for Iron Man *CANT WAIT! Want it now!*)

14. Brimstone – Brandt Cooley

No, this is not a CD released song, but you said favorite songs, you didnt say they had to be heard by more then so many people. This song is amazing. I personally agree with the lyrics, not to mention the singer is awesome as a performer. And honestly, that opinion really has nothing to do with the fact I know him personally. šŸ˜› (If you want this song, just message me, I’ll gladly send it to you.. or tell you where to dl it.)

15. Paper Thin Walls – Modest Mouse

Good stuff. “Laugh hard, it’s a long ways to the bank.”

16. Stronger – Kanye West
Jesus Walks – Kanye West
(this is 16 too, I might like this one more cause it’s in the movie, Jarheads. But it’s worth mentioning.)

Because you know he believes what he’s singing. I mean, he almost died. Besides, he has a great mix of sound and lyrics. He’s unmatched. Besides, I dont like rap, but I’ll gladly listen to Kanye.

17. Head Like A Hole – Nine Inch Nails

Come on, the original Emo Kid deserves to be mentioned. Besides, you cant deny that he broke a few barriers in his time. He’s opened the door so a few other bands could do “different” things.. like My Chemical Romance, and The White Stripes ( Not that I’m comparing those two. O_o )

18. Charlie – Ingrid Michaelson

This is another that makes me think “Coffee shop”. She’s got a unique sound I really like, and her lyrics are clever too. Charlie is a fun song. -Stops to listen to Charlie-

19. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2

Ok, Even though I’m still not sure what it is he still hasn’t found, maybe that’s why I love this song. Some people just dont like U2, and that’s fine, but Bono is one of my favorite people. He’s insirational to me when it comes to being charitable and believing in something. He believed that people wanted to hear his voice, and well, in a lot of cases, he was right. šŸ™‚ This song is one that will last for many more years to come.

Last but not least,

20. El Scorcho – Weezer

Cause I gotta respect a guy that can write some of the most memorable lyrics, and still have a style that I can’t copy! Darn you RockBand, for releasing this song. O_o

I know, I was only supposed to do 10, but I couldnt make up my mind that quickly!

Here are the bands I wrote down that I couldnt decide on just one sing because I like just about every song they have:

Imogen Heap
Snow Patrol
Cary Brothers
The Killers
Finger Eleven
Sarah McLachlan
Tegan & Sara

*Finish time: 12:42p.m.*

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