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Happy Birthday Allan!

About Allan

Allan, aka shadowbeam_, is perched on the number two spot in the council of Underwater Spirits. He has been in our wonderful guild since the 12th July 2006 – how could he have put up with us for such a long time!? Well it’s because Allan has devoted his heart and soul towards U.S. Don’t you think he deserves the best birthday ever?

When Mr W. first joined Underwater Spirits, he was full of wonderful ideas. Xepha was thrilled with the amount of ideas Allan came up with. The first activity Allan held was the logic puzzle (has since been remade) that was extremly popular with the members. Xepha spotted a quality in Allan that we can all see today, dedication. She knew nearly straight away that Allan was ‘council material’ and couldn’t wait until he was. After about a month, a month full of fresh ideas and opinions, Allan was promoted! He started to hold more activities, take of the Caption Contest, and also the Game Challenge was invented!

Thesedays you would think Allan has settled down into a slower pace of council life. If you do, to be honest, you couldn’t be more wrong! Allan is still beaming with new ideas and activities for the guild. The rest of the councillors can’t keep up with him, his brain is that fast of thinking up new things!

So that is the story of the marvellous Allan and all his wonderful work that he has done for us. So if you see him around today, be sure to give Allan a pat on the back, a big ‘thank you’ and most of all the biggest ever..


Text by Laura, Ban by V.

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