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Old Artwork

Don’t know if I’ve shown you guys some of my artwork I did a couple of years ago.

But I found it whilst rumaging through my photobucket hosting. 

WHAT is it?! You may ask in horror… Well it’s called a motif and I made it by drawing lots of pictures. Then tracing parts of all my pictures and joined them all together to make this!

Bet you can’t guess what all the parts are! I used four different pictures I drew and are all connected to nature.

Click more to see if you guess correctly! Tell me which colour scheme you like best!

In the end I decided to use the left redy one for my wallpaper print!

1. A frog (the two leg looking like things)

2. A shell (the largest part which is stripy)

3. A shrimp! (the pointy leg things on the right that poke out)

4. A scottish thistle (the funny afro looking thing at the top)

{For number 4 I would have accepted V’s hair lawl} 


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