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Kamara and Wilenda’s Days

The two Neopets,

Kamara (A Female Pink Koi)
Wilenda (A Male Disco Peophin)

with their lives changing every time something happens…

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© Kamara & Wilenda’s Days
2007 – 2009
© SloshedMail
2003 – 2009

Kamara and Wilenda’s Days

Chapter 1: Will she…?
Chapter 2: Understanding Her
Chapter 3: Jotrey passes on
Chapter 4: Chances
Chapter 5: Finally!
Chapter 6: Here we go again…
Chapter 7 and 8: Healing Jotrey
Chapter 9: Musterann and the Zapping Problems
Chapter 10: The strength of Wilenda
Chapter 11: Kamara’s Pure Wish

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Chapter 1: Will she…?

Kamara: But why…?

Kamara was thinking about him. Not another Neopet that wanted to love her, but one that she wanted. She kept thinking about this Neopet, but tried to stop. Her blushing never disappear, and was hiding to not let anyone know.

Kamara was a female Pink Koi, just before SloshedMail painted her Invisible. She was a fish-like creature, that sometimes lives underwater near Maraqua.

Well, anyway, Kamara was pacing (Or floating) forward, to see if her blushes disappear. She bumped to Sloshed by accident, since she didn’t look where she was going.

Sloshed: Oh, hey Kamara! How is everything going for you?
Kamara: …

They were at Neopia City, just near the ocean. Kamara didn’t want to say anything to him. So she floated away into the water. Sloshed wasn’t sure what was happening. He walked away, to see his other pets: Jotrey and Meme.

Chapter 2: Understanding Her

Kamara was underwater, in her home, still was thinking about him. She took out a snapshot picture, looking at what she loved.


Wilenda is a male Disco Peophin, a combo of a horse and a dolphin. He currently doesn’t know about her secret, so Kamara stuffed the snapshot in her bed and left out. She traveled to Kiko Lake and saw DecaIfed relaxing on the water. She wanted to talk to DecaIfed about her secret, so she swam to her and waved a hello.

DecaIfed is a female Red Lenny, 5th creation of Sloshed.

Kamara: Good afternoon!

DecaIfed’s eyes opened, as Kamara was about a couple of feet close to her.

Sloshed was behind a building, listening to the two.

DecaIfed: Afternoon, Kamara. How’s it going?
Kamara: Not that much… As you see…

Kamara didn’t say anything else but blush a dark red. DecaIfed placed her wing to Kamars’s hair, trying to cheer her up.

DecaIfed: Don’t worry, no one is in the lake now, so you’re safe.
Kamara: …Thank you…
DecaIfed: No problem. Go on and talk to me.
Kamara: …Wilenda.
DecaIfed: Wilenda? Oh, him. What can be about him this time? Kamara: …I love him…

DecaIfed was shocked, but shortly recoved and talked to her more.

DecaIfed: I feel for you, Kamara. No wonder you’re blushing right now.
Kamara: …Yes, I know… But I don’t want to tell him until Valentines Day…
DecaIfed: I see…

Kamara swam away Kiko Lake, as Sloshed teleported out of here. DecaIfed slept on the water, as she drifted away…

Chapter 3: Jotrey passes on

Sloshed was walking back to his Neohome (Even though there is nothing in there except there’s a garden), but only Meme was in there.

Sloshed: Alright, Meme, where is Jotrey? I need to see her.
Meme: Oh, her? She is in the Battledome, taking on someone.
Sloshed: Okay, thanks a lot.

Meme is a male Purple Meerca, like a speedy mouse. Likes Neggs, and other foods that Sloshed picks for him. Anyway, Sloshed runs to the Battledome, and saw Jotrey fainted on the dome floor. A Brown Usul, that was next to her, was holding a Halo of Devilpuss. She stuffed the item to her pocket and saw Sloshed next to her.

Sloshed: Alright, what happened to Jotrey?
???: She was defeated by me.
Sloshed: …But why?
???: This Grrarl wanted to battle me, so I accepted.
Sloshed: Oh…

Sloshed went to Jotrey and used a Healing Potion XI to heal her. Jotrey woke up refreshed and restored. She took a couple of stretches and blinked once.

Sloshed: Jotrey, you alright?
Jotrey: Never better!
Sloshed: What happened here?
Jotrey: As you see, this Usul just defeated me with a halo thrown.
Sloshed: Hm… *Points to Usul* Hey, I never met you before. What’s your name?
???: Fekya. Nice to meet you~
Sloshed: And I’m SloshedMail~

Fekya told Sloshed everything that happened in the Battledome, and he was impressed. Sloshed whispered to Jotrey for a moment, and she left the Battledome. Sloshed started to leave.

Sloshed: Fekya. Me and Jotrey are going home. Nice talking to you.
Fekya: You too~

Jotrey and Meme were at Sloshed’s Neohome. Next was Kamara and Wilenda, but where could Kamara be?

Kamara was underwater again. She was staring a picture of Wilenda and started to daydream. She was dreaming of her being with Wilenda. Wilenda let Kamara stare into his eyes and the leaning forward for a kiss…

When it happened, her daydream ended, because of a current going westbound, to Neopia. Kamara sighed and let the current take her to the city. Sloshed was near the water until the current ploped Kamara out the water.

Sloshed: Good evening, Kamara!
Kamara: Oh, hello Sloshed~
Sloshed: Underwater again? It feels like you’ve been there for a while.
Kamara: Yep, you’re right.

Sloshed took Kamara to his Neohome, and there were three so far. But Wilenda was the last one to find, and he never knew where he left at.

Wilenda was in the Ice Caves (Right near Terror Mountain). He was scratching a scratchcard, to see if he could win. He had a Peak o Plenty Card, so he might be lucky winning something. He scratched off 5 already, and he had 2 10,000 Neopoints.

Wilenda: Come on… Just one more…

Wilenda scratched another one, but saw another 10,000 Neopoint bar. He won 10k Neopoints! Wilenda cheered until he needed to breathe for a moment.

Kiosk Wocky: Congrats! You win 10,000 Neopoints!

The Wocky went to a room and took out 10k for him. But he stopped for a while…

Kiosk Wocky: Hang on there, your owner needs to be here to accept this prize!
Wilenda: Oh man! I forgot about Sloshed!

Wilenda told the Wocky to wait for a while, and Wilenda galloped to Neopia…

Chapter 4: Chances
Slight Kamara x Wilenda

Wilenda swam all the way to Neopia without a problem. He ran to Sloshed’s Neohome and saw everyone, but not Sloshed! Wilenda tried to ask Jotrey where he was, but she closed his mouth.

Jotrey: Come on, Wilenda. You need to take a break.
Wilenda: …But where can he be? I got to tell him something.
Jotrey: He’s at Happy Valley, just about to scratch some cards.

Wilenda was a little scared. He remembered taking Sloshed’s Neopoints, just to scratch a card…


As Sloshed left his Neohome to find Jotrey, Wilenda sneaked in his home and found a piggy bank. As Meme wasn’t looking, Wilenda took the piggy and ran. Meme noticed some dust, but kept doing his business.

Wilenda ran, and swam, to the Ice Caves where Sloshed couldn’t find him (For now). He went to the Kiosk Wocky, and gotten a Peak o Plenty card for 600 Neopoints. Since he spended those NP, the bank only had 300 Neopoints left.

End Flashback

Sloshed was walking all around Happy Valley, finding Wilenda (Even though he was already home). He took a little hill going up to the Ice Caves and started to check there. The Kiosk Wocky ran to Sloshed and greeted him a “Hello”.

Wocky: Are you SloshedMail?
Sloshed: Yes, I am.
Wocky: Okay, I gotten a word about Wilenda. He won 10k Neopoints for you, since he was scratching a Peak o Plenty.
Sloshed: Really? That’s good.
Wocky: *Takes out the Neopoints* Here you go~

Sloshed was happy that Wilenda won him the Neopoints, but he forgot his piggy bank in his home. So he carried all those Neopoints back.

And while Sloshed was going home, Wilenda was plotting a plan to get away from the Neopoints problem. He waited for Sloshed to come home. Kamara was next to Wilenda, but didn’t want to say anything to him. She wanted to wait until Sloshed was ready to open the door.

Jotrey was still thinking if Fekya is doing good. Jotrey never beated Kasuki Lu before, but can Fekya do it? She still remembered the last time she fought Kasuki. The battle ended out with a draw. It was close, but she’ll get better. She took a quick nap to refill her energy.

Meme wasn’t sure what was happening to Sloshed, so he waited for a bit longer. Kamara then heard the doorknob, then started to tap Wilenda’s hoofs.

Kamara: Um… W-Wilenda…
Wilenda: *Turned around* Yes, Kamara?

When the door opened, Kamara kissed him. Wilenda still had his eyes open, but he was suprised. Sloshed was inside the room, but when he saw Wilenda and Kamara he dropped the bag. Jotrey heard the bag and woke up. She turned around and saw Wilenda and Kamara. Same as Meme, but he was shocked.

Sloshed: Suprising…

Kamara let go of the kiss and blushed a deep red. Looked like a Red Koi, but still a little pink was in her. She saw Sloshed and waved her arms.

Kamara: Hi Sloshed!
Meme: I don’t believe it…
Jotrey: Me niether…
Wilenda: …

Wilenda walked to the garden alone, but Sloshed was too happy to even talk to him for a while. He checked the place where his bank was, but it wasn’t there!

Sloshed: Alright, Jotrey. Ready for another round for the Pant Devil?
Jotrey: Sure! I’m bored, anyway.

Sloshed was sure that the Pant Devil took the bank. He must’ve taunted him. He ran outside with Jotrey, to the Battledome.

Chapter 5: Finally!
Kamara x Wilenda

It was evening. The sky turned yellow as Wilenda was sitting on the grass in Sloshed’s garden. In his garden had plants and a Slorg Paddling Pool. Only him, Kamara, and Meme were only here. Kamara and Meme were still in a room, while Jotrey and Sloshed was hunting down the Pant Devil. Wilenda looked at the sunset, as the sun was going down to start the night. he started to think what Kamara did to him when Sloshed entered his room.

Wilenda: This is very depressing… Kamara kissing me… Does she really love me?

Wilenda looked a little sad. He must’ve made a mistake before he left to Ice Caves. At least Sloshed is happy with his 10,000 Neopoints won by Wilenda. He had one thing to do…

Meme and Kamara was chatting what’s going to happen to the Pant Devil. Meme was thinking about Jotrey’s weapons, while Kamara was thinking about the Pant Devil’s.

Meme: Jotrey is strong. She could beat the blue ghost in no time.
Kamara: …But what about his claw? He can steal one of his items…
Meme: Not with the Hand Buzzer and the Gnashers.
Kamara: …

Kamara didn’t say anything after that. Meme was worried about Kamara. Since he saw her and Wilenda, he felt like Jotrey not believing that.

Meme: …Something wrong, Kamara?

Kamara floated to the door leading to the garden.

Kamara: Meme, I’m going to check how Wilenda is doing.
Meme: Alright, see you back~

Kamara was lying. She really wanted to see if Wilenda will be with her for this day. She went past some plants and saw Wilenda sitting next to the wall, looking at the sunset. She blushed another deep red, but only on her cheeks. Wilenda stood up again, getting ready to go…

Kamara: Wilenda, wait!

Wilenda saw Kamara next to him, trying to unhide her fear.

Kamara: Please, a l-little bit of your time…
Wilenda: What do you need this time?
Kamara: …About what happened back there… I kissed you for a reason.
Wilenda: You did? *blushes* …But why?
Kamara: W-well… I…

She was too shy to say anything. Wilenda let out his blush and came close to Kamara. While she was turning away to try to say what she wanted to say, Wilenda drew closer and closed his eyes. When Kamara turned back, Wilenda kissed her. Kamara was shocked, but she knew what he was thinking so she closed her eyes.

Just after they kissed, Sloshed opened the door to the garden. Just before he was ready to adjust his garden, he saw Kamara and Wilenda again. He gasped quietly and dropped his item, Glass Roses. He fell down to the floor, still shocked from the two.

Sloshed: K-Kamara and W-Wilenda…

Kamara heard him first, and she broke the kiss and came to Sloshed. Wilenda was the second one to see Sloshed on the grass.

Wilenda: He saw us, didn’t he?
Kamara: I guess so.

Wilenda blushed again. He took away his fears and told Kamara something.

Wilenda: Kamara. I’ll accept.

Kamara’s mouth was open. She couldn’t believe it now. She lunged in air and hugged Wilenda.

Kamara: Oh, Wilenda! Thank you!
Wilenda: *blushes again* I would love it if I would stay with you…
Kamara: Me too… I love you, Wilenda…

Once again, they kiss. Sloshed was still shocked what Kamara said. Jotrey came to the garden and saw the three. She came to Sloshed and picked him up.

Jotrey: Hey, congrats.
Wilenda: Thanks.

Only Meme was in the room. He was wondering why Kamara and Wilenda are taking long. He got up with his tail and came to the door. He tried to open it, but Jotrey quickly opened it, leaving Meme crashing on a wall. Jotrey saw him and sighed.

Jotrey: Good thing that wall is soft.
Kamara: Wanna help him up?
Jotrey: I was going to say that.

And they all came to Meme, helping him up.

It was night, and everyone was tired. Sloshed was back to normal, still knowing what Kamara and Wilenda did. He went to his bed, while Kamara shared with Wilenda. Meme slept with his tail, and Jotrey had a bigger bed. So she had to go to another room to sleep. Kamara, still happy from before, cuddled Wilenda while he was sleeping.

Kamara: Good night, Wilenda…

Kamara was very sure that the next day will be the starting of another great day.

Chapter 6: Here we go again…

The sun was rising back up for the next day. Sloshed was the first one to wake up, but was STILL confused on why Kamara kissed Wilenda. He scratched his head and wandered off outside.

Sloshed: So this is how Kamara and Wilenda’s life together going to be… I hope it’s going to be better in this case.

Meme was the second one to wake up. He stretches his arms, legs, and even his tail. He also wandered off outside. Next was Jotrey and Wilenda. As Wilenda straightened out his hair, Jotrey was running downstairs to look for something to eat. The ground was shaking a lot, that it pushed Kamara out of bed, making her wake up. She wiped her eyes, and yawned as she was ready to go. She floated to Wilenda and gave him a good morning kiss.

Kamara: Morning, Wilenda.
Wilenda: Good morning.
Jotrey: Had a good sleep?
Wilenda: Yep.

So, outside, Sloshed was at the Food Store buying breakfast. Meme was behind him, but Sloshed didn’t know. As he carried 6 packages of Destruct-O-Munchies, he saw Meme next to him.

Sloshed: Morning, Meme. Should you be at home, waiting for me?
Meme: I only want to eat before everyone else does.
Sloshed: Really? Alright, here.

Sloshed handed Meme a bowl of Desctuct-O-Munch. Meme couldn’t help but eat the bowl very fast. He was hungry, though. Next was the other 3, plus DecaIfed. That Red Lenny is still floating around the ocean, next to Lutari Island. She started to fly to Neopia after she made land.

Sloshed was walking on the grass, but he wasn’t home yet. He went some trees, until he saw a pizza pastry being thrown by someone. The pastry landed on a tree, but poofed on fire. Sloshed looked at who thrown it…

?: Alright!

This Neopet was a giant orange chia. Had black hair that was straight up, and was wearing a red band.

Sloshed: Kasuki Lu… It’s him!

Meme was not so impressed. He took out a Yellow Frost Cannon and fired at Kasuki. The cannon hit, but Kasuki was frozen solid. Sloshed gasped in terror.

Sloshed: *scared* Meme… How did you f-froze him!?
Meme: Just no time to lose. Lets go.

Meme took Sloshed’s hand and left out to Sloshed’s Neohome. Kamara, Jotrey, Wilenda and DecaIfed was waiting for him. Sloshed entered his room with the Munchies and gave them to everyone.

Sloshed: Yep, eat up!

Jotrey was confused. She never ate this food before. She took a 2/3 spoonful and ate it. She turned very happy and ate the whole bowl. She wanted more, so she ran out the house in top speed. Everyone sweatdropped from what happened.

Kamara: I hope it’s normal…
Sloshed: I don’t know. I never saw her this hyperactive.
DecaIfed: Well, we all have to find out-
Meme: I’ll pass. *Leaves*
DecaIfed: …Except Meme… We all have to find out what’s happening!

Chapter 7 and 8: Healing Jotrey
3/4 chance of Fekya x Meme

Sloshed and his neopets, except Meme, went outside to find Jotrey… Before she did anything wrong to Neopia. They found Kauvara on the grass. Sloshed went to him, but he saw him fainted on the grass… He shook him a couple of times to wake him up. Kauvara indeed woke up, but he didn’t stand up the right way.

Sloshed: Alright, what happened here?
Kauvara: I… tried to sleep a Grarrl with my spells… It didn’t work and I was thrown aside…
Sloshed: Tell me what did the Grarrl looked like.
Kauvara: It looked Spotted… And had a crazy attitude…
Sloshed: Jotrey has been here… We need to hurry up and find her…

Sloshed left Kauvara on the grass so he can get some energy. His Neopets followed him, as they made their way to Terror Mountain. First was Happy Valley. It looked good, but something was wrong with the Happy Valley Ice Cream… As Sloshed went to the Neopet that was next to the Ice Cream box, a cold front blew to him. He started to shiver, but he still went to the Neopet. The Neopet was a Blue Lutari… That was wearing a bow tie and a hat.

Sloshed: Are you okay?
Lutari: No… I was overthrown by a Grarrl that was spotted…

Sloshed ran to Terror Mountain to see if Jotrey was there, and left his Neopets behind…

Meme was walking at the Lost Desert, searching for something to do. His Petpet, Green (The Karren), was following him. They went to the city of Sakhmet and to the Food Stall. He bought two Tut Trouts and shared one for Green. After that he left out of Sakhmet and went out of the Lost Desert. Him and Green was walking (Although Green wanted to fly, he wasn’t ready yet) towards Neopia and sat near the ocean next to the clear grass. While him and Green was sitting there, Meme saw Fekya just two yards away from him. Fekya was talking to Purpywell (Sproing) about… Well, Meme didn’t hear anything yet.

Meme walked to Fekya, but when Fekya saw Meme she turned around. Meme was confused when that happened, but it seemed that Purpywell and Green started to chat. Again, Meme was wondering why Fekya turned around. While he was wondering, Fekya started to blush (Although she was in front of Meme, still not looking at him).

Fekya: It’s him… From before when Sloshed showed me all his pets…

Meme was impatient, and wanted to know now.

Meme: Um… Are you hiding something from me? Sorry if I’m looking, but what are you doing?
Fekya: …

Fekya stood up and turned around to talk to Meme. She had the courage to do that, but didn’t wanted to wait anymore longer.

Fekya: I’m… in love with someone.
Meme: Awww… That’s nice. Who are you… in love with?

Fekya had the chance. She wrapped her arms around Meme, and kissed him. Meme still had his eyes open, but finally found out.

Meme: So comes this… Fekya…

Meme closed his eyes and let the time pass…

We left Sloshed off on Terror Mountain, still finding Jotrey. He was alone, but he was sure that he found her somewhere. When he went to the Snow Faerie, Taelia, Sloshed saw her frozen in a big block of ice. Sloshed tried to tell her what happened.

Sloshed: What happened here?
Taelia: I don’t have time.

The Snow Faerie left back to her igloo making Sloshed and Jotrey alone. Sloshed knocked on the ice two times to see if she was really frozen. His Neopets finally caught up with him, but was shocked to see Jotrey.

It took an hour to take the frozen Grarrl back to Sloshed’s Neohome. Sloshed was very tired carrying the big ice back, so he took a rest while Kamara and Wilenda was pushing it to the fireplace to defrost her.

After 7 minutes, Jotrey’s head was defrosted. She felt very sad what she did at Neopia and Terror Mountain. After 6 minutes, she can move her arms.

Jotrey: I never knew that my sugar rush would go up like this… I’m sorry everyone…

Sloshed woke up after hearing Jotrey.

Sloshed: No need to worry. Everyone is okay, no one was hurt.
Jotrey: Oh, my… That’s good.

Meanwhile, Meme left Fekya to see Sloshed again, but when he went to his Neohome, he saw Jotrey still trying to be defrosted by the warm fire. She didn’t wanted to wait anymore longer.

Jotrey: Sloshed, please pass me my gauntlet.
Sloshed: Okay.

Sloshed went to his room and took out a Grarrl Gauntlet and let Jotrey hold it. Jotrey, then, put it on her arm and punched the ice that was on her legs. All the ice crumbled down and Jotrey was free. But she was out of energy after that, and fell down on some bean bags.

Sloshed: But one condition, Jotrey…
Jotrey: Yes, Sloshed?
Sloshed: We’re gonna have to give you less sugar.
Jotrey: I can handle it…

Jotrey fell asleep, still on the bean bags. Meme sighed and joined with Kamara, Wilenda, and DecaIfed.

(So all the defrosting took up to 2 hours.)

Chapter 9: Musterann and the Zapping Problems

Kamara: Wilenda… Can I ask you something?
Wilenda: Sure, what’cha need?

As Kamara was walking to Wilenda, and Jotrey was sleeping, Sloshed took a stroll outside his Neohome. He felt really bored staying inside, so it was his idea to walk around Neopia. But since Sloshed was outside, all of his pets walked behind him. Sloshed, although, didn’t see them until Meme grabbed his back, making him turned around quickly.

Sloshed: What the…?!
Meme: No, Sloshed, we can’t be alone without you!
Sloshed: …I see.

So Sloshed and his pets took the stroll around Neopia.

Kamara found a glimpse of a Red Jetsam sitting on a bench near the Rainbow Pool. She floated to the Jetsam, and smiled.

Kamara: Hello there! …You seem a little lost… Are you?
???: No, I’m not lost… I gotten recently abandoned by someone…
Kamara: Oh, you poor thing! I know someone that can take care of you…!
???: But… Who can that be?
Sloshed: That could be me.

Sloshed saw Kamara and walked to her. He saw her and the Jetsam and wondered why Kamara was talking to this Neopet.

Sloshed: May I ask your name?
???: …Musterann.
Kamara: That’s a good name I can remember~
Sloshed: Well, I have some more Neopets I can let you meet… Want to stay with me, as I will be your owner…?
Musterann: …Okay, sure!

The Jetsam, Musterann, and Sloshed shook hands (Well, maybe hands and fins). Then they all walked back to Sloshed’s other pets. Only Meme and DecaIfed noticed the Jetsam, and ran up to Musterann and Sloshed.

Meme: Wow… Who might you be?
Sloshed: That’s our new pet we’re adopting… Musterann.
DecaIfed: Nice to meet you, Musterann!
Musterann: Me too~ I must know your names…!

Sloshed gave Musterann a quick tour to see his pets.

Sloshed: I’m the owner of all my pets. My name is Sloshed. Kamara, which you was talking to before I saw you and her, is my Pink Koi.

Sloshed pointed to everyone else.

Sloshed: …and this is Meme, Wilenda, DecaIfed and Jotrey.
Musterann: Awesome…!

An hour passed, and everyone knows Musterann now.

But suddenly, bunches of zaps spreaded around one place, then some of them was aiming for Sloshed and everyone else. Luckily, DecaIfed, Sloshed and Musterann dodged it on time, but not for everyone else. Smoke filled the area, and Sloshed and DecaIfed grabbed anyone they can. The smoke cleared, but they turned something different…

Sloshed: Everyone! Are you alright!?

Sloshed saw Kamara as a Shadow Koi…
…and Meme as a Snot Meerca…
…and Wilenda as a Green Uni…
…and Jotrey as a Snow Cybunny.

Sloshed: Oh no… But who can… that be…?

Sloshed turned back and saw a yellow Scorchio weating lab clothes. They also had spiky hair, nearly bent. The Scorchio ran away, but Sloshed wasn’t worrying about him. It was his pets that he’s still wondering about.

Sloshed: DecaIfed, I need your help carrying everyone back to the Neohome…
DecaIfed: Got it.

Sloshed carried Meme, Jotrey and Kamara with his arms. DecaIfed and Musterann carried Wilenda. They all went back to Sloshed’s Neohome…

Chapter 10: The Strength of Wilenda

Sloshed: …Wake up guys…

Sloshed, Musterann and DecaIfed tried their best to get Meme, Jotrey, Kamara and Wilenda back on their feet… Well, Kamara can float, but still.

Meme was the first one to wake up, stretching his arms. He stood on his tail, about to ask the same question…

Meme: …What happened? I suddenly blacked out when I got hit by a mysterious zap…
Sloshed: Well… Meme…

Sloshed took out a Red Mirror from his cabinet, and let Meme look at himself. When Meme saw that he was in a Snot color, he was shocked. Then he started to bring out tears from his eyes.

Meme: …Goodness, why…?

Meme ran upstairs, crying. The sound of Meme woke up Jotrey, also asking the same question.

Jotrey: Okay, something is happening from outside…

Jotrey found the Red Mirror on the floor, but Jotrey looked more surprised than ever. She saw that she was a Snow Cybunny, making her more happier.

Jotrey: Wow… I look… really cute…!

She then nudged Kamara to wake her up, and she was able to. Kamara slowly opened her eyes, as Jotrey picked up the mirror and showing it to Kamara.

Kamara wasn’t happy about it. She saw that she was in the Shadow color, and felt a little mad that she wasn’t Pink anymore. She then saw Jotrey, then Sloshed.

Kamara: …Who has done this to us…?
Jotrey: That’s what I’m knowing…
Sloshed: It was that scientist, a yellow Scorchio with the crazy hairdo.

Sloshed gotten Kamara up and floating, but all that’s left was Wilenda, still fainted from the zapping. Kamara floated to Wilenda and whispered to him.

Kamara: Wilenda… Wake up…

Wilenda, after hearing the sound of Kamara’s voice, suddenly got up on his feet. He felt weird, noticing his four hoofs.

Wilenda: Hunh? I’m a Uni?
Sloshed: Yeah, Wilenda… The mysterious zap changed you.

Wilenda didn’t say anything, but only left outside. Kamara felt worried, though. She followed him outside, as Wilenda didn’t know about it.

Sloshed and Musterann both left so Sloshed can give Musterann a tour for a little while. DecaIfed left to her room to sleep. Jotrey skipped outside, still happy.


Wilenda still didn’t say anything, but now feeling sad about not being a Peophin anymore. He was thinking about what to do now, but then he thought of Kamara…

Wilenda: …Kamara… I wonder… If you still love me…

Kamara was behind him, now hearing what Wilenda said, then made a sudden blush. She then yelled out

Kamara: Wilenda!

Wilenda turned around finding Kamara behind him, but turned away.

Kamara: …But why…?
Wilenda: I’m not… a Peophin anymore, Kamara…
Kamara: That doesn’t matter, Wilenda…

Wilenda turned around again, looking at Kamara.

Wilenda: It doesn’t?
Kamara: Never, ever. I’m still with you, all the way…
Wilenda: …Thank you…

Wilenda smiled at Kamara, then was tearing up. Kamara hurried, coming close to Wilenda and was trying to cheer him up.

Wilenda: Oh… No need to do that… I’m still happy… for you…
Kamara: Wilenda…

Wilenda then felt a little confused. He asked Kamara if she could turn around for a little bit. She nodded and turned away.

Wilenda, then, wore on some clothes that Kamara didn’t know about. After 50 seconds…

Wilenda: Okay, Kamara. I’m ready.

Kamara, again, looked at Wilenda. She was surprised by what Wilenda was wearing:

Kamara: …You look beautiful…

Kamara was able to hug him, still happy for Wilenda.
But suddenly…


Wilenda turned around to see the Esophagor next to them. Kamara backed away, but Wilenda didn’t want to. Instead, he ran to use a Hand Buzzer. The massive shockness of the buzzer made Esophagor melt into a puddle. Wilenda then jumped backed and growled, but the puddleness of the Esophagor went away.

Wilenda: And stay away!

Kamara felt a little scared. She still floated slowly to Wilenda, knowing what he might do next. Wilenda noticed Kamara feeling like this, so he calmly said

Wilenda: …You’re safe, Kamara…

Chapter 11: Kamara’s Pure Wish

Kamara: W-Wilenda… You’re… that strong…?

Kamara was still surprised about what Wilenda did to the Esophagor. No one, not even Jotrey, could defeat it… Wilenda, although, was trying to keep Kamara calm and happy. He seemed to become worried that Kamara might run (Or float) away if he hurt her by accident.

Meanwhile, at the Neohome, Sloshed was finding a way to defeat the Scorchio Scientist that zapped nearly all of his pets. Meme, after he stopped being sad about him turning Snot, came back to Sloshed.

Meme: Um… What’re you doing now?
Sloshed: …I’m trying to find out where I can see that scientist. I haven’t gotten any clues on where I might remember where he lives.

Meme stared at Sloshed for some seconds, then went to a dresser that was next to the door to Meme’s room. He searched through Sloshed’s items and took out the map pieces to the Laboratory. Sloshed then stared at Meme for what he did.

Sloshed: …Remind me to give you something good once we’re done here Meme.

Meme smiled.

© Kamara & Wilenda’s Days
2007 – 2009

© SloshedMail
2003 – 2009

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