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Bluerang1’s Victoria’s Vase – Part One

Here is Part One of my Detective Story! Hope you enjoy it =D
PART ONE – The Setup

The hot island sun was concentrating on Kitthie through the thick windows of the Training School. Kitthie Bluer, who was getting bored of the Techo Mistress’ teaching, was twiddling her basic, now a bit tatty, pencil between her fingers as she stared at the clock hoping for the school day to end soon. Only two minutes now until she thought, as she started to notice the heat of the sun on her face, she held her right palm over her forehead to block the sun away. Dring! Dring! The bold red school bell rang; Kitthie grabbed her pink Kadoatie backpack and headed out the classroom through the loose straw doors of the room.
“Don’t forget to complete your Codestone essays for tomorrow!” The Techo Mistress called.

Lots of thoughts filled Kitthie’s head, thoughts of the cases she and her siblings solved, all the clues they found, how they nearly got in trouble and fell out as a group. However, all this didn’t get in the way of her only desire; to spend some none sleuth related time with her older sister and younger brother. She made her way down the school hallway; some student were retrieving items from their bamboo lockers, some heading into their extra curriculum activities; the rest chatting away in their small groups. That was where Kitthie was headed, to the group with three girls and two boys, the group that was standing in front of training room 3, the group where her sister Croy was in standing the middle laughing away with her friends. As Kitthie approached the group, Croy saw her heading their way, then Croy’s smile began to fall, it became a frown. She excused herself from her friends and headed out to meet her little sister.

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“Hey Kitthie,” she began with a smile, “something’s come up, you see I won’t be able to walk with you home today. Sorry.”
Kitthie wasn’t happy, and it showed clearly on her earlier enthusiastic face. “Oh, I was looking forward to the three of us spending some time together.”
“Well, we were going as a trio, how about you and Cheikz just go as a duo.” Croy suggested.
Kitthie didn’t look so gloomy anymore, “Alright then. See you at home.”
With that Croy headed back to her friends waving goodbye at her sister.

Thud! Kitthie turned round to see a pumping red face staring back at her. It was her brother Cheikz exhausted from running.
“Kitthie I’m sorry but I’ve run into trouble with Master I can’t come with you today have detention for a long time bye!” Cheikz informed rather hyperactively without pausing; then headed speedily towards the direction of the detention room. Kitthie didn’t have a chance to speak; she hung her head down in disappointment then headed out the school exit.

She could have walked home with her friends Mira and Tonnie but was too disappointed to do so, besides, they had probably have left already as she said she will be with her siblings today. To relieve herself of distress, Kitthie decided to take the long way home today. She headed north of the Island; past Techo Mountain which she feels speaks to her whenever she goes past it. Next she went left towards the Trading Post avoiding the spooky Lost City and arousing smell of the Cooking Pot. She then went south, past the Island Arena where the top school students trained on Fridays, she saw her friend Sir_Gemely there, past the market place where she was tempted to purchase something by all the attractive ads. Past Tropical Fruits where she always got freaked out by the Witch Doctor, he once told her that there was a magical place made entirely out of Jelly, past Neopia, yeah right thought Kitthie, she also saw Mumbo’s Kitchen on her way. She continued down the coast past the Tiki Tack Man’s tombola stall, he felt sorry for her after he saw how upset she looked and it wasn’t because she didn’t get a number ending with a 0, 2 or 5 from his tombola game. He then offered her some coloured sand, this cheered Kitthie up a bit. She then continued past the volley ball courts, Cheikz’s favourite place in the whole of Neopia, past the Tiki Tack and into The Harbour. The Island committee saw that Kitthie wasn’t feeling her usual self so they decided not to disrupt her. Kitthie boarded the first boat out she found, it was headed for Krawk Island.

Kitthie didn’t like this place, she was scared of pirates, she had never been here on her own so wanted to dispatch herself from it as soon as possible. As soon as the boat pulled in at the Food Club, Kitthie frantically strode to the nearest boat heading north or west but something on the horizon cut her eye. On a little island south-east of Krawk Island, Kitthie noticed a man on his knees begging, she couldn’t make him out but he seemed to have black balding hair. He seemed to be begging to a medium heighted man wearing a lot of jewellery.
“Boat to Kiko Lake!” A boat conductor called.
That was her ride; Kitthie thought, then she retracted her attention from the scene and headed for the boat.

Through the Kiko Forest, Kitthie made her way into Neopia Central then towards her house. Kitthie was now on her street when she noticed a rather upsetting view, Robert Briggs, the local bully, and his mates. What where they doing in front of Mrs Timrod’s house, Kitthie wondered. She decided to find out and crossed over the tarmac road to the smooth cement pavement on the left.
“That would be so cool!” Shane Herkins, Robert’s right-hand man stated.
“It’s worth about… one million Neopoints! “Wes Kindler, the not so smart one of the group expressed.
Kitthie began to wonder what they were talking about.
“You’re both right, if I can get my hand on that Mummified Vase, we’ll be wealthy Neopians,” addressed Robert to his cronies, he then rapidly turned his head to the girl walking incredibly slowly past them.
Kitthie knew this was her cue to leave, so she swiftly walked home.

Those boys are planning on stealing Mrs Timrod’s Vase. She is a collector of rare and expensive items, and this vase was one she always went on about. ‘Coltzan himself gave me this vase, but as a ghost of course’, was all she went on about. Kitthie had to inform her siblings of this before Robert’s plan went into action.

“So what you’re trying to say is that Robert Briggs plans on stealing Victoria Timrod’s Mummified Vase?” asked Croy as she paced up and down the orange carpet of her bedroom trying to clarify what her sister told her.
“It’s Mrs Timrod,” stated Kitthie putting her hands up while struggling to sit on her sister’s hard basic yellow bed, “It’s what she likes those who aren’t close to her to refer to her as. And yes! I heard it all on my way home, maybe if you guys came along with me…”
Cheikz, who was spinning round on a rolling chair, cut her off, “We’ve got to alert the Defenders of Neopia right away then, so they can sort Robert out,” he suggested as he continued spinning round and round.
“Alright then, I’ll go alert the Defenders of Neopia right away,” was Croy’s response as she headed down the stairs to alert them on their alert system.
Her siblings followed after her with a dizzy Cheikz swaying form side to side, as they headed down the fluffy carpet lined staircase, Cheikz lost balance and tumbled first upon Kitthie who was closer to him, then they both hit Croy who was on the bottom step of the stairs.
“Cheikz!” His sisters cried out with a slight tone of pain.
“You seriously need to be more careful young man,” Croy instructed, picking herself up from the floor while dusting ruffle off her clothes. With their parents out, Croy, who is the oldest, was left in charge of the house and in charge of her younger brother and sister.
“Oh just lighten up Croy,” replied Cheikz rolling his forehead at the bottom of his palm trying to relive himself from the headache he got from spinning so much.
“No she’s right Cheikz, you should behave better,” Kitthie said in her opinion.
“Oh what do you know?” Cheikz snapped back.

Croy was getting tired of all this bickering and ordered her siblings to stop it. She then walked up to the funky lime table, placed against the wall under a large plain window dressed with speckled curtains, which held a bold blue flat box like item with a shiny red button placed on top in the middle of the surface. This was the device used to instantly contact the Defenders of Neopia’s neomail help service at their Headquarters in Neopia Central. They are quite close with the Bluer kids; they see them as bright kids who help solve cases in Neopia Central. The kids can only stick to that area as their parents say that they aren’t allowed to go anywhere else; apart from school journeys, for the time being.

Croy lifted her finger to push the bright red button when, tee toop, tee toop. She was interrupted by the sound of the Defenders of Neopia.

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