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Bluerang1’s Victoria’s Vase – Part Two

Here is Part Two of my Detective Story! What’s going on?

Part Two – The Scene

“What’s going on?” Cheikz asked starting to act sensible.
Croy looked worried then gave a reassured look to her siblings. She gently pulled open the speckled curtains too see lights at the right end of their street.
“Could that be Mrs Timrod’s house? Do you think Robert has already commenced with his plan?” A worried Kitthie asked her sister.
“I don’t know,” started Croy, “you and Cheikz should go check out the scene while I’ll try to get some information from the Defenders of Neopia service.

Kitthie grabbed her purple woolly jumper from the coat cupboard while Cheikz had to get his blue polyester hoodie from his room upstairs. The two headed out the house into the wet, cool windy evening, then up the road to where the Defenders of Neopia were.

Back in the house Croy was waiting for a response from the Defenders.
“Hello there, how may we help you?” A touch screen came up with a message written in red font at the top of it. There was also a keyboard where you could type out requests.
Croy replied, “Hi, its Croy Bluer here, I would just like to inform you guys that Robert Briggs is planning on stealing a Mummified Vase from Mrs Timrod’s house.” She then tapped send to send put the mail through.
“Oh, Croy Bluer! How lovely to hear from you. You must go to Mrs Timrod’s house right away to investigate a theft.”
Croy felt that whoever it was that was at the service desk didn’t listen to what she said nonetheless, she was happy that the person provided her with information of a new case for the kids to solve. “Thank you, we’ll head out right away,” Croy replied. The conversation ended then Croy grabbed her school girl jumper and her sleuthing backpack then headed out.

Splish, splosh, was what Croy heared underneath the tee tooping of the Defenders of Neopia. She kept stepping in puddles made by the twenty minutes of rain that occurred an hour ago in the north-east of Neopia. She walked hastily along the pavement as it was getting quite chilly outside, it must be coming from Terror Mountain she thought. As she approached the house, she noticed her siblings who were still standing outside glaring in awe at the scene.

Mrs Timrod’s house was not like the other houses around her, it stood out like a sore thumb. The other houses on the street were a pale blue with a darker shade of blue roofing. They had plain arched windows on each side of their brown arched double door doors with a plain circular window above their doors. There were also circular windows on the sides of the houses, the windows and doors all had blue frames. Mrs Timrod’s house was laid out like the others however, the colour was totally different. It had a golden yellow paint job which totally contrasted with the other houses around her, her windows and door had bright red frames. Her roof was a bold red with her door being the only colour her house had in common with the rest, blue. She had a front yard with beautiful Perfume Mallows and a garden with all the Neopian plants you could imagine. Meanwhile all the other houses around her only had plain green lawn front and back yards.

I altered a regular Neopia Central Neohome to look like Victoria's House

That was what her house usually looked like, but now underneath the midnight blue evening sky, it blended in perfectly its surrounding houses. Well, except from the flashing red lights surrounding it. Defenders here, Defenders there, Defenders all about, it made the kids wonder if this case would be too serious for them to handle. Why would there be so many Defenders of Neopia here just to investigate a theft that the kids probably knew the solution too? Croy thought it was about time to find out.

“Come on you guys, lets head inside,” She said slightly startling her sibling as she walked past them towards the house.
Kitthie and Cheikz gave each other a ‘what’s going on here look’ then followed their sister into the field of Defenders.
“What do you kids want?” Ask a tall man with a deep voice.
The Bluer kids looked up to see a dark concerned face staring back at them. Croy replied, “Hey there, we’re the Bluer child detectives and we just want to see if we can help with this case. You see we have vital information that could help solve the case,” she gave the man a big grin.
The Defender thought for a second, then replied, “I’m not sure I can let you youngsters in, you see this seems to be a very though case,” the Defender noticed the worried look on the kids face when he said that prompting him to change his mind, but then their expression changed into that of determination. “Well, you have helped us quite a lot in the past so I guess you could go in,” he stepped aside for the kids to enter.
“Thank you!” Was their grateful reply and they dashed into the house, not because they were enthusiastic to solve the case but because they wanted to escape the freezing cold of the night into the comforting warmth of the house indoors.
“Be careful,” called the Defender, after the children.

What could they see inside the house? Something dramatic? Horrific? The whole place filled with people rushing about. No. What they saw was something extremely worrying. Mrs Timrod was crying into a fuzzy white hand towel. There wasn’t a big scene, nothing threatening was occurring so why on Neopia where there so many Defenders outside.

The kids stepped in looking around the house then spotted an empty glass showcase with a lady examining it. That must be where the vase was stored they thought and stepped closer to it to see who the lady was.
She turned round and happily spoke to the kids, “Croy, Kitthie, Cheikz, you’re here. How wonderful it is to see you, with you here this case would be solved faster than I’d hoped,” with that she walked away.
That was odd, and quick they thought. The lady was Detective Zaara, a co-worker and friend of their parents. She was one of the detectives that supported the kids work and she was a very friendly and helpful person. This made the case easier for the kids as they wouldn’t be closely watched by a detective who saw them as meddling kids.

The room was lighted by domed ceiling lamps making the whole room have an incandescent orange glow. The walls were of a cream yellow, smooth and flawless to touch. Around the living room were shelves and cabinets with had various items inside and above them. The rarest items you could find in Neopia where all displayed in that room, expensive plushies; rare jewellery, special Paint Brushes and all sorts of fancy items. They were stepping on a soft velvet carpet which spread across the whole house; it also had a diamond pattern across it. There were flower patterned beige antic sofas on each side of the room; Mrs Timrod was sitting on the sofa on the right. Between the sofas was a clear glass table with a Rainbow anthurium as its centrepiece. The room was absolutely glorious, except for the odd Defender of Neopia here and there, and it made you feel as if you were in some sort of fancy item gallery.

The kids first proceeded with their standard procedure before beginning to solve a case, reassure the victim.
“We’re terribly sorry for you loss Mrs Timrod, but we assure you that we will do all we can to help you retrieve your stolen item,” Kitthie finished that with a smile.
They usually got, a thank you or fake smile in return but this time all they got was a watery cold stare saying ‘what could little kids do to help anyone anyway’, the kids then moved away from her. Something, or should I say someone caught Kitthie’s eye, it was a man talking to another man. She had recognised this person before, he had black balding hair, he was medium in size, a big belly, and then it hit her.
“That’s David Timrod,” she whispered to her siblings pointing at the shorter man in the conversation. “He’s Mrs Timrod’s pride and joy.”
Him?” started Cheikz, “he doesn’t seem so special.”
“Yeah I know, but he inherits all this stuff she owns so maybe that’s why he’s so special to her, or her items.”
“What are they talking about?” asked Croy, her siblings turned to her wondering why she asked that. “Shouldn’t he comforting his mum right her now?” Croy continued getting a puzzled look.
There was a silent pause of thought after a while Cheikz decided to break it, “Yeah, you’d think he would but I guess he isn’t. So why are we standing here like the statues in the Hall of Heroes, let’s go find out,” he began walking towards the conversation when his oldest sister stopped him.
“Wait, hold it. I’ll find out for myself. Kitthie, Cheikz,” she started, turning to her siblings, “it’s time we break out and search for clues.”

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