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No Snow?

Edited: This is my entry, entitled “No Snow?”

Pitta patta. Pitta patta. Diversitys cream feet were bouncing off the green carpet as she cheerfully watched her cousins decorate the house.

“Can you believe it? My first Christmas! I’m SO excited!” She beamed.

“I know right, it’s gonna be awesome,” Kitthie replied, turning to her cousin from the silver tinsel she was hanging on the red wall.

“Yes,” Diversitys began, twirling around the house. “It’s going to be the perfect Christmas. Tinsel, stockings, a Christmas tree, presents underneath it, family, snow…”

“Snow?” Croy interrupted.

“Yes, snow. You know; white, fluffy, icy stuff.”

“Di, it doesn’t snow in Neopia Central, ever. Not even at Christmas.”

“What!” She exclaimed. “No snow? Why?”

“It’s all about Neopia Central’s positioning on Neopia. That’s what Croy says anyway,” Cheikz spoke up.

“It’s true,” Croy confirmed.

Diversitys hung her head in despair. “No snow?” She sadly whispered to herself.

It had become time for the kids to hit the hay. Her cousins stumbled onto their beds tired from all the Christmas decorating. Diversitys on the other hand ambled to her Orange Grundo bed, climbed onto it, and unhappily pulled up the covers. All she could think of was that this wasn’t going to be the “perfect” Christmas after all. Christmas means snow! It’s in all the Greeting Cards, Posters, Advent Calendar, and all. She closed her eyes, and dreamt.

“Hey!” Kitthie yelled at Cheikz who had just hurled some snow at her.

Croy was perfectly sculpting a snowman, carrying the head onto the body. Diversitys herself, was laying in the white wonder, moving her legs and arms in unison. She was making a snow angel.

That’s what she dreamed off, the perfect Christmas. With snow.

During the night, a worried Cheikz got up. He pushed down his blue blanket and called out to his two older sisters.

“Croy, Kitthie,” he whispered, taking turns at shaking each of them to get up.

“What is it?” Croy asked through a long yawn.

“It’s Di,” Cheikz began. “She’s really upset, you know, about the whole snow thing.”

Kitthie struggled to open her eyes, then spoke, “Well there isn’t anything we can really do about that. Is there?” She turned to Croy who just shrugged.

Cheikz thought intently for a while, “If only we could have Christmas at Terror Mountain, it ALWAYS snows there.

“That’s it!” Croy beam, receiving shushes as a reply from her siblings, stating that she shouldn’t wake Diversitys.  “Terror Mountain. We should go to the Snow Faerie in Terror Mountain and ask her for snow this Christmas, in Neopia Central.”

Kitthie and Cheikz mirrored each others puzzled look.

Then Kitthie spoke up, “Do you really think that the Snow Faerie will make it snow in Neopia Central if we ask her?”

“It’s worth a try. Besides, its Di’s first Christmas; and who else doesn’t want snow for Christmas?” Croy replied.

Her siblings agreed to her notion and they all fell back asleep, not knowing what they would face during their icy adventure the next day.


Diversitys galloped all around the house; her cousins trying to calm her down. She was going to experience snow, which could lead to having snow for Christmas. She just couldn’t contain her excitement. She urged her cousins to hurry up as she was waiting for them to wrap up warm before they left. She had already wrapped up warm as soon as she heard the news. She got kitted up so quickly that all you saw as she did so was a pink blur around the house.

Croy turned to her brother, sister and cousin before she opened the door, “Have we got everything?”

“Yep,” Kitthie replied.

“Sure do,” answered Cheikz.

“Yes, yes, yes! Now let’s go!” Diversitys said shoving her older cousins into the door.

When they stepped outside, they put on the Transporter Helmets which they got from their space trip to Virtupets.  They didn’t like that trip, for many reasons; however they got cool gadgets from it. Then they set the location for Happy Valley, and with a zippee de zappa de zoop, they were whisked of to, Terror Mountain.

All around her, all Diversitys could see white, white everywhere; it was as if she was entrapped within a cloud. The warm scent of gingerbread filled the air, Diversitys liked this. It was just as sweet as the sight of snow, but then something hit her.

“It’s cold,” she said.

“Well d’uh, it’s frozen water, it’s meant to be cold,” Kitthie pointed out looking around the Happy Valley, admiring the non-snow sights.

“Well I know it’s meant to be cold but, never mind,” Diversitys replied.

“Ok,” Croy started, breaking the little silence, “We’ll have to head up to the top of the Mountain, to see the Snow Faerie.”

“Alright,” the rest of the party nodded heading towards the chairlifts which would take them to the top of the Mountain.

“Hold on,” said Croy sticking her right arm out to block Diversitys. You aren’t coming with us.

Disappointed, Diversitys asked, “Why?”

“You’re too young, the top of the Mountain is very dangerous, believe me.” Croy said in a very comforting voice. “Besides, it’ll be way too cold up there.”

“Cold? Alright I’ll stay here. I can play in the snow with the other kids,” she replied sticking her tongue out then running off to meet some kids having a snowball fight.

“Here’s 50 NP,” said Kitthie handing Diversitys the amount, “Stick to the Valley, if you wander into the Ice Caves, the Snowager will blast you, and if you follow us up to the top of the Mountain, you’ll meet the never so friendly Snowbeasts,” Kitthie called.  This frightened Diversitys, ensuring her to stay in the valley. Then the three siblings walked towards the chairlifts.

As they arrived Cheikz asked, “What can 50 NP get her anyway?”

“Don’t know Cheikz, don’t know,” Kitthie replied sarcastically, then pushed her brother unto a chairlift and with her sister, all three headed to the top of Terror Mountain.


Three young Christmas Neopets, battling the brutal blizzard atop Terror Mountain. There was a somewhat clear path to the Snow Faerie’s dome which was quite fortunate really. It meant that they wouldn’t have to struggle with chest high snow as the path had been shovelled and levelled.  They first passed Tarla’s Shop of Mystery, then the Igloo Garage Sale which Kitthie so wanted to shop at, however Croy informed her that they were always out of stock so it would be pretty pointless. Finally, they went past the Repair Shop; Cheikz wished he’d brought his Broken Coin Pyramid with him so Donny could fix it. Then they arrived at the Snow Faerie’s home.

The icy doors slid opened as the siblings arrived at the dome, allowing them to walk in with no problems. The dome was snow white and empty, no one was it sight.

“Over here,” Cheikz beckoned to his sisters, he had sniffed out the kitchen, and his sisters had just noticed the odd smell for themselves.

They all headed towards the peculiar aroma and found a figure with a long, light blue, hooded coat, with a white, fluffy hood accent, and sleeve cuffs. She had snow white skin, piercing sky blue eyes, and lips to match. Short jet black hair dressed her head and a blue dot adorned her forehead.  She had wings with icicle ends and snow at the top of them.  She was also carrying some strange looking berries in her arms.

The siblings gave each other scared glances before Croy got pushed forward by her younger brother and sister.

“Erm, miss Snow Faerie miss,” She began, her face facing the ice cold flooring. “We were wondering if you could…”

“Stop,” a strong low pitched voice filled the room cutting Croy off. Then the person coughed, it was the Snow Faerie. “Call me Taelia,” she began with her normal bouncy voice, with a chill in it. “Miss makes me sound old, not that I’m not, I mean I’m like a gazillion years old but still, I still look nice and youthful,” she said grinning.

“I need some items in order to complete a spell I’m working on and it’s FREEZING outside! I know I’m the Snow Faerie and all but boy, do I feel that cold, my coat does nothing to keep me warm,” she said with a humph. “If you want to venture outside into the snow and find the items I will reward you…most generously.” She declared. “Do you accept?”

Croy looked back at her siblings to see what decision they should make.

“Go on, you know you want to help me?” Taelia said with a smile. “Pretty please? Remember, I will reward you, most generously,” she grinned.

Kitthie and Cheikz nodded back at Croy, so she replied, “We will help you!”

“Good!” Taelia yelled with a happy jump, making her berries fall from her arms to the floor. “Thanks for helping me, I knew you could do it,” she began. “Ok I require 3 spell reagents, please bring them back within one hour and fifty four minutes.  They are a Medicinal Mud Bath, a Neggitus Injection and a Darigan Eyrie Paw Lolly. Thanks! Now go!” She ordered.

Croy made a mental note of the items and the siblings scampered out. “They’re three items and three of us so we have to split up to find the items,” Croy pointed out. “Kitthie, Cheikz, you both have to get back to Neopia Central to get the mud bath and injection. Cheikz head back to our NeoHome to get the Neggitus Injection in the bathroom cabinet and Kitthie you have to go to the Pharmacy to get the Medicinal Mud Bath. You two meet up at the Post Office and come back here. I’ll be heading to Darigan to get that lolly.”

“Be careful,” Kitthie worriedly said to her sister; got the Transport Helmets from the backpack she brought with her and with Cheikz they went their ways.

“I will,” Croy replied as she watched her siblings transport and then transported herself.


Down at Neopia Central, Cheikz had already got the Neggitus Injection and was coolly waiting outside the Post Office.

“Cheikz! Oh there you are.” Cheikz turned to see his sister running towards him. “Woah, haggling is something else,” she stated. “Come on; let’s head back to Terror Mountain.”

“Alright,” Cheikz replied, bemused.

So they put on their Transport Helmets and transported back to Terror Mountain.

Croy on the other hand was frightened out of her skin when she arrived at Darigan. After remembering Darigan didn’t have a food shop, she decided the best option was to head back down to the Market Place in Neopia Central. She shop Wizard would help.

In the blue wizard hat shaped building, the small yellow JubJub which was the Shop Wizard assisted Croy by directing her to a shop selling the lolly.

“Is this the cheapest place?” Croy curiously asked.

“I don’t know; I’ll have to keep using my magic to search and search and search. And even if I do that, I won’t be guaranteed to find you the cheapest place,” he explained frantically. “If you had a premium card on the other hand,” he said with a smirk.

“Thank you,” Croy replied sarcastically and went to the appointed shop to get the item.

When she got the item, she transported back up to the top of Terror Mountain to meet her siblings.

“Got everything?” She asked.

“Yes,” replied Kitthie and Cheikz in unison.

Then all three went back into Taelia’s home.

Taelia was waiting for them in the entrance hall, “Do you have the ingredients?” she asked eagerly.

“We have your ingredients,” replied Croy, handing them over to Taelia.

“Oh thank you, that is perfect! Now I have all the ingredients!” She beamed. “Here are a Vanilla JubJub Sundae, a magical snowball, and 2177 Neopoints for your trouble,” she offered.

“What? Don’t we get to choose our reward?” Kitthie asked angrily.

“No, who told you that?”

“No one, we just thought that by helping you, you could make it snow in Neopia Central for Christmas,” explained Cheikz. “It’s for our little cousin, it’s her first Christmas and we wanted it to be perfect for her.”

Taelia frowned, “I’m sorry, I can’t do that, it doesn’t snow in Neopia Central, because of its positioning and all that.

“Can’t you just,” Croy tried to think of something Taelia could do to help them.

“I’m sorry,” she sadly replied. “I’m grateful for your help and all but I just can’t. Being the Snow Faerie only means I control the snow, where it is. I can’t transfer it. Sorry again,” was her solemn apology. “You must leave now.”

The door opened behind the kids and they packed their reward into Kitthie’s backpack and headed out, not knowing how they could explain this to Diversitys.

As they arrived at Happy Valley, they were stunned to see their cousin shivering and wailing out in pain to a blue Kougra, wearing a matching yellow and orange stripped hat and scarf, by the candy cane themed lamp post outside the ice rink.

“Di, what’s wrong?” Croy asked with great concern.

“It’s the snow and the weather,” she wailed. “The snow froze my paws; it hurts BADLY! And it’s too cold here.” The Kougra saw that she was with her family now so went back to his snow ball fight.

“Well that’s what happens with snow,” Cheikz said matter-of-factly.

“Plus you’re wrapped up warm and have Yooyu Mittens on; your paws shouldn’t have got cold,” Kitthie stated.

“I wanted to feel snow with my bare paws. If this is what happens with snow, having to wrap of extremely warm, facing a finger ache, I don’t want it anymore!” She screamed in pain.

“Well you’re in luck. Taelia, the Snow Faerie can’t make it snow in Neopia Central for Christmas,” Croy happily said. “Come on guys, let’s go home.”

With that, Kitthie handed them all Transporter Helmets and they all transported back home.

As they walked into their NeoHome, Diversitys asked, “How about, fake snow? All the benefits of real snow, but it won’t be bone chillingly cold.”

This only received a long groan from her cousins and they all went inside.

Have a Merry Christmas! Even if it’s without snow 😉

Based on personal experience 😀

  1. AA
    December 19, 2009 at 11:17 pm

    *fixes tags* 😉

    Your submission for Tales From Under the Mistletoe 2009 has been reviewed and accepted. And I have to say that I love your sense of humour! 😀

  2. December 20, 2009 at 7:08 am

    This is one of the cutest and best story ever!

  3. bluerang1
    December 20, 2009 at 7:14 am

    Thanks AA and V! I’ve edited the post, this is what I’m sending to the NT 🙂

  4. December 20, 2009 at 11:28 am

    I love it

  5. December 20, 2009 at 11:30 am

    I loved it great story

  6. meshelle
    December 20, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    It’s great!

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