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Co’s NT Series: Part 1

“Kass has failed us,” Ambition said, as she looked over the Citadel. Which was ruled by Lord Darigan once again.

“Indeed,” Greed replied, “And Darigan is not fool enough to listen to us a second time.” Revenge simply nodded.

“Ah well, there shall be more chances,” she said as she began to leave the Citadel. She turned around, “Come brothers!” she snapped at them. Meanwhile Meridell was celebrating again, as they were free from Kass’ reign, and are at peace the Citadel once more.

Two years later, another legacy of the Three appeared. Altador returned to Neopia, after 1000 years, bringing with it the Darkest Faerie. She was also influenced by the Three to take revenge on Neopia for being locked up for over 1000 years, but Fyora stopped her and turned her into a statue.

Once sloth had returned, and he was defeated, Fyora began to worry. She called a Worldly Summit after Neopia almost fell apart in Y11.

“What is it this time Fyora?” Darigan complained.

“Just listen!” Skarl screamed at him.

“Speak Fyora,” Kelpbeard gestured. Fyora moved to the head of the room. Everyone stopped their quiet conversations and turned to look at her.

“It has come to my attention,” she began, “That the Three are up to something, we know for a fact that it is Neopian domination, but we don’t quite know how,” Fyora said, but she was interrupted.

“Pardon me for intruding Fyora, but didn’t you say that the Three were destroyed when we broke the Crystal Ball that contained them?” Darigan asked.

“I thought so too, but apparently we released them,” Fyora replied. The meeting went on for a while, days even, but they could not figure much out. The Three were a mystery in the first place.

“Sorry about that Co!” Illusen yelled after a boy leaving her Glade.

“It’s fine,” He replied. “See you March 17th!” Co yelled back. Illusen giggled. Co heard a noise from the bushes; he withdrew his sword and came closer. He heard a growl as he came neared, a yelp sounded and he ran through the bushes. Nothing was there. No, wait, something was there, because he heard a moan!

“Cooo,” it came again.

“Cutie!” Co said as he knelt down next to the Baby Shoyru, “What happened?”

“No time,” She replied, “Later, go, Fyora, tell her…” but Cutie went quiet, she was too injured to say more.

“Cham! Chaminara COME IN!” Co yelled into a phone.

“Co, what is it?” Said someone as a voice came out of the phone.

“Rezou?” Co asked.

“Yeah,” the voice replied.

“Is Cham there?” He asked.

“Of course not, she heard you yell as soon as you called, handed the phone to me. Then she headed off, what is it Yellow, you got them? Good, send their co-ordinates to Cham. So what’s the problem?” Rezou replied.

“No time to explain, is Cham coming from the shore?” Co asked.

“Yeah, were in Maraqua, so just keep you phone turned on and head to shore, we’ll send updated coordinates to Cham,” Rezou replied.

“Got it! Thanks,” Co replied as he hung up the phone. Just then something flew overhead. “Hey you! Come down here! Please! I need help!” Co yelled at it. The creature came closer, as Co got a better look at it, he realized something. It was Jhudora. He picked up Cutie and ran as fast as he could, but she was catching up.

“YOU!” She yelled as she started throwing dark fireballs at him.

“Please! Stop, I didn’t know it was you!” Co yelled back, but it was too late, a fireball had hit him. He fell over and blacked out.

“I so sorry,” Jhudora said as Co woke up. He was shocked that Jhudora was apologizing, even more, Illusen was next to her, and they weren’t fighting!

“Cutie,” Co moaned.

“Right next to you,” Illusen replied. Co turned over and saw a Pink Shoyru, dressed a lot like Fyora, tending to Cutie.

“Cham?” He asked as his vision began to turn to normal. She looked up at him and nodded. He shot up in shock, “How long was I out?!” He yelled.

“Shh,” Jhudora whisped, “About 3 positions of the source of light, but we must not be heard!” Co raised his eyebrow but Illusen simply shook her head.

“Later,” Jhudora said. “Rezou, Yellow and the others have already been taken to Faerieland, we need to head there now,” Illusen said. She looked at Jhudora and Chaminara, they nodded. Cham grabbed Cutie and Illusen grabbed Co, immediately they took off.

“Sorry about that,” Jhudora said, “I was aiming in front of you but you moved faster than I anticipated.

“So why are you here… and helping us?” Co asked.

“Fyora’s orders,” Jhudora replied.

“But I thought…”

“I had to, in times like this I have to help,” Jhudora said, galling at Illusen.

“Why did YOU come here? Why not another Faerie?” Co asked.

“The rest are out doing what we are now, getting everyone to Faerieland,” Jhudora replied.

“Why is this needed?” Co asked.

“That’s why,” Jhudora said as she pointed at the ground, Illusen’s Glade was overrun with Darigan Lupes.

“Has Darigan attacked?” Co said, worried.

“More like lost control,” Illusen murmured.

“I thought Faerieland was the other way!” Co complained.

“It is, but we have one more stop on the way,” Jhudora laughed.

A few minutes later they touched down, about 10 or 11 miles outside of the Meridell Castle, they had to walk on foot from here.

“You don’t mean…” Co asked.

“Yes, we have to pick up that fat oaf,” Illusen said as she rolled her eyes.

“Hey! You don’t have to carry him,” Jhudora said as she stuck her tongue out at Illusen.

“Mmmm,” Chaminara said, making a zipper-like movement, reminding them to be quiet. The five of them went through the forest, Cutie still out cold. A couple hours later, they arrived in the land. It was quiet, too quiet.

“They were already here,” Illusen commented. Jhudora nodded, and the three ran to the Castle.

“Co!” Lisha yelled as she went over to hug him.

“Nice to see you Lisha, where’s Skarl?” Co asked.

“It is too late for him,” Lisha laughed, as her voice changed she began to transform, it was Kastraliss, a high-up minion of the Darkest Faerie. “And now it will be too late for you!” he, growled as he lunged at the five of them.

“Cham, get Cutie out of here, NOW!” Co yelled at her. Illusen was able to hold off Kastraliss just long enough so that Chaminara could escape.

“All the easssier to desssstroy the two of you and that traitor,” Kastraliss said as he spat poison and Jhudora’s feet.

“That’s it!” Co said as he began whispering in Jhudora’s ear. “Alright, listen,” Co began, “The poison is from the energy of the Darkest Faerie, who is a dark faerie. Being her minion, some of her power travels into him,” he explained.

“Hurry it up will you?” Illusen said, zapping Kastraliss with energy from her staff.

“Alright!” Co replied, “Sheesh, anyways, you your Dark Energy powers to reflect the poison back at him, okay?” Co asked. Jhudora nodded.

“Got it,” she replied.

“Wait a minute, hey! You!” Co yelled at Kastraliss, “Yeah you! Kastraliss! What did you do with Kayla, Jeran and Lisha?!” he yelled at him.

“They are fine,” Kastraliss hissed, “They escaped, but Ssskarl, that fat lazy oaf, was already sssealed in.”

“Now!” Co yelled as Kastraliss spit out poison at him. Jhudora raised her wand and shot the poison back at Kastraliss.

“Rrrraahhh!” Kastraliss cried as the poison hit him in the face, “What have you done? Noooo,” he hissed as he turned into a puddle of boiling acid. The trio ran to entrance of the throne room, but what they found was not pleasing.

“Oh no!” Illusen said. The doors to the throne room were covered with a magical dark fire.

“Jhudora, can you…” Co began but he stopped when Jhudora began to shake her head. “What is it?” Co asked her.

“Dark Fire,” Jhudora said.

“That doesn’t sound so bad,” Co said.

“It may not, but it is awful, it means she is in there, this kind of magic can only be produced by one creature, the…” she paused.

“You don’t mean?” Co asked.

“I think she does, The Darkest Faerie,” Illusen said quietly.

“NO!” Jhudora yelled, but it was too late, “Saying her name in front of it activates the defense system!” she screamed.

“So what’s th…” Illusen was about to ask, but her question was answered as it spread across the wall.

“That’s not good,” Co said. Just then hundreds, no thousands of Dark Novas emerged from it, but unlike for Dark Novas, these were too dark.

“Pitch-Black Novas,” Jhudora said. “Hard to kill, but weak becasue they are like mines, you know what to do Illusen!”

“Right,” Illusen nodded, the Novas began shooting.

“Now!” Jhudora yelled as Illusen created a shield around them. Just before it closed Jhudora shot a highly concentrated ball of dark energy at one of the Novas. It created what looked like a Black Hole, and absorbed the rest of the Novas. “That was close,” Jhudora said, sighing.

“Yeah,” Illusen replied, falling to her knees. The Dark Fire around the door receded, and disappeared.

“Ready?” Jhudora asked.

“Is there by any chance the possibility that Skarl escaped with Jeran, Lisha and Kayla?” Co asked

“He didn’t,” replied Illusen, as she nodded her head to the throne room. Co sighed.

“Alright,” he said. Illusen, and Jhudora withdrew their wands, and Co, his Sword, they were ready.

  1. Uyi
    February 2, 2010 at 10:26 am

    LOVE IT! Really like the pace and story, great job Co! However there are grammar problems which I can help you fix. This is the thing, you can’t fix your own grammar mistakes but you can fix someone else’s xD Probably because we write the story and can’t be bothered to keep going over it 😀

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