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Co’s NT Series: Part 2

Illusen, Co, and Jhudora came bursting through the door. Illusen gasped.
“Oh no,” Co said, looking at Skarl with his eyes closed sealed within a ball of dark energy.
“Huuuu Mmmmm,” Skarl sounded. Co rolled his eyes, the King was sleeping.
“Oh you’ve made it,” said the Darkest Faerie turning around to the trio. “A pathetic quest faerie, a traitor, and the only person on this planet who remembers old Taltador,” she cackled. “Ah well, this would be much too easy for someone of the likes of me, Spite! Malice! Vanity! You will have the privilege of taking them out, oh and that little one too,” she commanded. “Goodbye fools!” she said as she cackled. She waved her hand and was waved her and vanished.
“Well well, look what the ugly dragged in,” Vanity laughed while pointing at Jhudora.
“Your jokes were always that awful weren’t they,” Jhudora sneered.
“Oh please, traitors don’t get to talk,” Spite spat.
“Well Co, it’s been a while no? What was it? You and your little friend Gorix locked my up for 2 years!” a voice came.
“Parlax,” Co whispered.
“Yes, but I got out! Revenge called me, and my master freed me! Now I will destroy you!” Parlax laughed.
“Revenge,” Co whispered as he turned to Illusen and Jhudora. “The Three are back, aren’t they,” he asked, the other two nodded.
“Can be please get the chit-chat over with and destroy you three already?” Malice asked before letting out an evil cackle.
“If you say so!” Jhudora raised her wand and pointed it at Parlax “Bon voyage,” she said as she fired a ball of dark energy at Parlax.
The ball exploded, blowing Parlax back, but that was not enough, he had caught the ball and thrown it back at Jhudora.
“It’s no use,” Jhudora said, “Under the influence of the Three he’s too strong!” She caught the ball using her wand, and it started looking like her and Parlax were playing catch. But then, something happened.
Parlax threw the ball to the Dark Faerie Sisters who began charging it with energy.
“Oh no!” Jhudora said, “Illusen! Make the strongest shield you can!” she yelled.
“Got it!” Illusen said as she began to do what she was told. The ball kept getting bigger and more powerful by the second.
“Hurry!” said Co, while was attacking Parlax. “Raaah!” he yelled as he smashed the blunt end of his sword against Parlax who shot through the roof.
“Wow,” Jhudora said looking at Co.
“Help me!” Illusen yelled at the two of them.
“Got it!” Co said as he went after the Dark Faerie Sisters, who turned out to be inside a barrier. Co was knocked back and a bit dazed from the hit.
“Yeah yeah,” Jhudora said, as she helped form the shield. “Co! Get in here! Now!” she yelled at him.
“Hhhuh?” he said as he got up, but it was too late. The Dark Faerie sisters and already changed their aim, and it was at him, it was a matter of seconds until they fired.
“Co! Hurry!” Illusen reached out her hand, but Jhudora pulled her back as she closed the shield. It was too late. The Dark Faerie sisters fired. “Co!” Illusen yelled, as she and Jhudora braced the shield for impact.
There was an enormous explosion, when it cleared, Jhudora could see was going on, even though Illusen could not.
Jhudora gasped at what she saw. It was Co, but he was different. His eyes were glowing blue, his sword was shooting out a straight beam of light as it was turned onto its sharp side, parting the darkness around him.
Then something changed, the Dark Faerie sisters began to turn their aim and the beam began shooting at Illusen and Jhudora. It was too strong, and the shield began to fall apart. All of the sudden the beam stopped, and Jhudora and Illusen collapsed.
Co had lunged at the sisters and knocked out Vanity. Spite and Malice crumbled, as with only two of them, that last attack had absorbed the last of their energy. With his eyes still shining blue, and his sword still white, he freed Skarl.
But it was too late for Skarl. He collapsed and turned into pure dark energy, hovering over the spot where he had fallen apart. The light went out of Co’s eyes as he returned to normal.
“Woah… what happened?” he asked, wondering why he was the last one standing. Just then the castle’s roof collapsed. It destroyed the throne, but it mostly hit around the edges of the castle.
“What happened here?” Co heard an angry voice yell.
He turned around, “You!” he said as he raised he sword at the Darkest Faerie. The two of them looked up, some faeries were coming.
“Ah well,” she said, “Better make this quick!” as she zapped Co. He flew back, and she used her powers to bury him in the rubble from the roof. Then she absorbed what Skarl had turned into, waved her hand and Spite and Malice vanished. Oddly enough, Vanity was already gone.
She was about to finish them off but the faeries were almost overhead.
“Not to self:” she murmured, “Blow up Vainty after the war,” she finished, raised her hand, and vanished.
“Co! Co where are you?” Chaminara yelled as she flew into the demolished throne room, “Aethia!” Chaminara yelled.
“Yeah?” she responded.
“Go on a search and destroy mission, look for some dark creatures in the castle,” Chaminara said.
“Got it,” Aethia replied as she took off through the doors.
“Pselia!” Chaminara yelled.
“Yeah?” she responded.
“Grab Jhudora and take her up to Faerieland, Siyana, do the same with Illusen!” Chaminara instructed.
“Right!” they both said as the grabbed the two quest faeries and headed off.
“Co! Co where are you?” Chaminara yelled as she ran around the room. She saw something glimmer in the sunlight. “Oh no,” she whispered, it was Co’s sword, under the rubble. She dug it out and saw his hand. “Co!” she yelled as she dug him out as fast as she could.
“Cham!” Jhuidah yelled.
“Jhuidah, I found Co!” she said as she dragged him out of the rubble, “Wait, where’s Bree and Casandia?” she asked worriedly.
“They… went down, I’m late because we were attacked by Darigan Scorchios and Vanity, they got Bree and Casandia. They fell into the ocean, I doubt they survived,” Jhudiah began to cry. “It’s all my fault!” she sobbed, “I should have gone down and caught them, but they told me to stay on the mission,” she kept crying.
“Jhudiah, it’s not your fault, but now we need to get Co back to Faerieland,” Chaminara told her.
“Alright,” she sniffled.
“Cham! I’m heading back to Faerieland,” Aethia yelled as she flew back through the door.
“Aethia! Wait! Help us get Co back!” Chaminara yelled after her!
“Okay!” she yelled, “I’ll guard you guys!”
Chaminara and Jhudiah picked up Co, they were heading back to Faerieland, but stopped in the Lost Desert to warn the people. There they picked up Nuria and Eithne there. Unfortunately, once in the sky, they were attacked.
“Cham!” Nuria yelled, “Spite and Malice are coming up fast, with hundreds of Darigan Shoyrus and Draiks!”
“Then fly faster!” Chaminara yelled as they picked up speed.
“You guys go ahead!” Jhudiah said, “I have unfinished business to attend to,” she said, glaring at Malive and Spite.
“We would if we could!” Chaminara yelled back as the Draiks surrounded them.
“Bombs away!” they heard someone yell as a Petri yell as it swooped down. It was followed by a Moehog with a Jetpack. They both flew out of the sky and knocked out hundreds of the draiks.
“Sir Gemly! Anti!” Chaminara yelled a big smile on her face, “Why are you here? How did you find us?” she asked.
“Yellow of course!” Anti yelled after her, “Oh and a message from him, always keep that wrist watch on!” he finished. Chaminara smiled.
“Besides that V sent us here, everyone was so busy with Jhudora and Illusen that then forgot about you guys,” Sir Gemly laughed.
“No more chit-chat now, attack!” Chaminara yelled. Sir Gemly and Anti dove at the Draiks and Shoyrus, ripping them out of the sky. Jhudiah, Nuria, Eithne, and Aethia went after this two sisters, while Chaminara kept Co out of harm.
Malice fell, and hit the ocean hard, badly hurt, but she was okay. Spite was angry now. She tore Jhuidah’s wings, ripping them up. Fortunately Nuria caught her and Spite flew down to help her sister.
“There’s too many of them, we need to fall back and regroup!” Chaminara yelled. She extended her shield as everyone flew in, as they all flew out of there.
“We could have taken them,” Anti complained.
“I know…” Chaminara replied.
“Then why…” Sir Gemly was about to ask, but he knew. Jhudiah and Co were too hurt to stay, they needed to get some healing faeries as fast as they could.
They landed in Faerieland about an hour later.
“Oh, Anti, there was another reason,” Chaminara started, “The Darkest Faerie and Vantiy with their army of Darigan Shyorus and Scorchios were coming.”
“Makes sense,” Sir Gemly mumbled.
They landed in the city and there were two dozen faeries to greet them, Fyora being one of them. The 23 faeries were crowding around the 8 of them.
“Enough!” Fyora commanded as the other 23 faeries stepped back. “Come with me,” she commanded at the seven of them, “Danika, carry Co, Cham is very tired, Jhudiah, can you still walk?” she asked as Danika took Co.
“I’m fine,” Jhudiah replied. Fyora simply nodded, everyone knew she was not.
The 10 of them walked into the castle, which had be turned into an infirmary. There were hundreds of Faeries everywhere, though Jhudora, Illusen, Siyana and Pselia were nowhere to be seen.
“Fyora?” Chaminara asked, “Where’s Skarl? And Jhudora, Illusen, and the Altadorian faeries that brought them here?”
“Those four Faeries are safe, sadly, Skarl is gone,” Fyora sighed.
“Oh…” Chaminara responded. “Does that mean Jhudora’s mission…” Chaminara stopped herself.
“That was never the true mission, I knew it was too late for Skarl, I thought it was too late for the others too. Co, Illusen and Cutie were lucky to escape with their lives,” Fyora answered her, “Oh, and before you ask, Cutie was on a Mission too, she was heading to warn Meridell, sadly it was too late. Darigan fled here and came to me less than an hour after his power fell to the Three, I was trying to contact Cutie but she was not responding. When those four wake up, I need to talk with them, interrogate them, have them tell me the full extent of their memories of what they saw, for that is the only way that we have a chance, is to see what they did, and be ready for anything.”
“But Fyora,” Chaminara asked, “Why did you send Cutie in the first place?”
“Because,” the Queen responded, “My Petrified Darkest Faerie went missing. Anyways, you should get some rest, a war is upon us, and we need as much strength as we can get,” then a Staff appeared in Fyora’s hand, “Here,” she said, “I’ve been fixing this up for you, it will be more powerful than ever,” Fyora told Chaminara as she handed her a replica of her staff.
“Thank you my queen,” Chaminara said as she bowed to Fyora. Then she ran off.
“I should probably get some rest too,” Fyora murmured to herself. She was about to head to her room when she hear someone yell.
“Fyora!” it was Siyana, “The four have awoken, but there is a problem…”
“What?!” Fyora demanded.
“They all lost their memories,” Siyana said, still in shock.
“Oh no,” Fyora replied, “Bring them to me now, and get every medical faerie we have,” she commanded. “Not again, not again, not again,” Fyora said softly, “This is not good.”

  1. bluerang1
    February 6, 2010 at 7:56 am

    Really like it Co. Can;t wait for the next part, your writing style rocks. Again, just grammar and punctuation problems is all I have 🙂

  2. colegoco
    February 6, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    Hey Uyi! It should be very soon that the next part gets out, tonight or tommorow!

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