Cellblock Guide

First of all you must remember that Cellblock is a game of logic and observation and that you are playing against a computer that can evaluate all the game’s developments in a matter of seconds so the result is: YOU LOSE. HOWEVER! This computer is programmed to make deliberate mistakes and many gamers have noticed that it makes the same sets of errors. There are moves that you need to make to trigger those errors. I will be showing you those moves here.

Once a player has three game pieces in a row that are not blocked on either side he has won, as long as he has been attentive and made sure the other player doesn’t have 4 unblocked game pieces. Of course generally your three game pieces will be blocked so the strategies usually involve making two sets of 3 game pieces in a row where only one can be blocked (I will refer to this as a ‘trap’).


Here is the trap I propose you use for the first tournament. Place the game pieces in the order I show you. Once you have placed the 5 you have got to place a game piece on a side of the unblocked row of 3. Always stay attentive to any rows of 3. You need to put a game piece on a side of the pair of game pieces which sit together- I did not put a game pieces on the white space side, because that would have given my opponent a chance to block one of my 3 in a rows, which is the trap and therefore would no longer work.

Use this if the opponent puts his block on the asterisk

REMEMBER your opponent can always put a block in another place so you must always pay attention and search for ways of creating a trap. First look at any dangers your opponent makes and block them THEN start making your own traps.


At this point there is one strategy that works all the time, but it takes a bit of time. I suggest at the start you use another quicker method:

If your opponent puts a game piece on the 3 go as the yellow dots show. (This works as long as the opponent didnt put a game piece where the arrow points.)

Once you’ve gotten a bit further and this technique starts to fail use this one:


Simply assemble traps making sure the game pieces arent in the way the computer makes more errors on these levels

For example click here to see how I, disgracefully, won my gold trophy -lol



(Tyranitar763) {edited}

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