Hasee Bounce

Hasee Bounce Guide by xxstacies_cloudsxx {editted}


Type in Doughnutfruit and the timer will be reset, recommended to use this cheat when time is almost up.

In this game, you have to use Woogy (Orange Hasee) and Jimmi (Purple Hasee) to collect the flying doughnutfruits. The controls are simple. You just have to use the left mouse button to make one of them jump up, and the other one down. Remember, when you click ONCE, one Hasee will jump down, whereas the other one will jump UP. When one jumps down and the other one jumps up, this is called one complete jump. OR, you can use your arrow pad to move, and the space bar to move.






Yellow: 1


Blue: 3


Green: 4


Silver: 5


Gold: 10


Checkered: 12


Sponge: 15


Flaming: 18


Icy: 20


Fish: 50


Green Goo


Brown Puddle






Now, on with the guide!

Now, the controls are mentioned, we’ll have to go deeper into the game. At the first half of the game, the speed of the doughnutfruit is relatively slow. Try catching most, or all of the doughnutfruits WITHOUT getting the Dung, Goo or that puddle of gravy. At the second half of the game though, try getting more and more time bonus letters, and try getting more points with only one jump instead of numerous ones. One jump is better than two.

Adding time:

Throughout the game there’s purple or orange letters of H, A, S and E floating around. You can add two seconds to your timer AND two points to your mark if you get one of them. However, only Woogy (orange Hasee) can get the orange letters, whilst Jimmi (Purple Hasee) can only get the purple letters. If you get all the five letters OF DIFFERENT COLOURS (H, A, S, E, E), you will be added a 20 second bonus. If you get all the five letters in the same colour, you will be rewarded with a 40 second bonus.

Getting more points:

Yes, you only get one point for an ordinary doughnutfruit. However, if (assumingly) Woogy jumped down and collected a normal doughnutfruit and getting 1 mark, and when Jimmi jumped up he too collected a normal doughnutfruit. But Surprise! Jimmi got 2 marks for that Doughnutfruit.

This is an important way of scoring when playing this game. If you get two normal doughnutfruits in one jump, the second doughnutfruit will double in mark. Hence, if you get three doughnutfruits in one jump, the third one will triple in mark. So if you happen to get two doughnutfruits in one jump, the first one being a normal one, and the second one being a Fish doughnutfruit, you’ll get 101 points in total, all in one jump! Neat, huh?

Choosing the more vital one:

So, you have a green doughnutfruit coming and your hasee is about to jump down and get it, but there’s a letter behind it, in which your hasee is able to obtain! Which would be the right choice?

I believe this has occurred to a lot of players during the game. Which one to go for? The letter or the mark? This should be considered in some factors:

The time left:

Perhaps it’s the beginning of the game, or perhaps most of it had gone by. You have already used your Doughnutfruit code and you’re short on time! If this is the situation, I recommend you to get the letter.

HOWEVER, if this is the last few seconds of the game, I strongly suggest you to get the green doughnutfruit, for adding two seconds to your timer won’t help you much now, in this stage.

The value of the doughnutfruit:

The value of the letter is constant, whereas the value of the doughnutfruit isn’t. It could be a checkered doughnutfruit, or just a normal one. If it’s a high-scoring doughnutfruit (from Gold to Fish is considered high-scoring), then you should get it, other than getting the letter, for the value between both is emphatic. It depends on which you would like better: Having a longer time, or more points.

FAQs about this game:

Will we go to ‘Level 2′ if we get 100+ points?

No, unfortunately there’re NO levels in this game, very much like Dubloon Disaster. So you won’t get a raise on ‘level’, even if you score a sky-high mark.

Oh no! I accidentally got one of the nasty things, and my Hasee can’t get any more doughnutfruits! What should I do?

There’s nothing you can do but wait until the stars turning round and round the Hasee’s head have gone. In the meantime however, I suggest you to make that Hasee jump down, and use the non-affected one to get points, for the time being.

NPs earned per game: 300 NPs earned per 100 points, meaning 3 NPs per point.

To earn 1000np per game, you need to score 334pts.

*Points are to be sent ONLY if they’re 100+. Preferably.

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