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Willow’s Guide To Neopets Premium

Welcome to Willow’s guide to neopets premium! Here you will find out everything you need to know about the neopets premium web package.

Premium neopets is another side to neopets. It includes lots of things including business news, NeoPets facts, a calculator, recently posted guild messages, new NeoMails/Emails, a calendar, list of items on hand, local weather, local movies, high scores, Neopian weather, directions, NeoDaq information, a dictionary and thesaurus, NeoFriend information, news boxes, beta testing games, premium boards, Super shop wiz, and more. Some of the things aren’t needed, but others are great.

Subscribing to Neopets Premium

There are two ways to sign up for premium:

  1. Visit and choose the package you want. This may be tricky for the ‘doors’ are sometimes closed. Then an invite is needed to get through.
  2. Get an invite from another premium member. If you are pretty sure you want premium then you may ask me for an invite. (Read more about getting an invite at the bottom of this page) If you accidentally deleted your invite you can still go to to sign up!

There are four options to choose from when signing up to premium:

  • $7.99* Neopets Premium Web Pack (pay monthly)
  • $69.95* Neopets Premium Web Pack (pay yearly)
  • $15.95* Neopets Dial-up with Accelerator (pay monthly)
  • $99.99* Neopets Dial-up with Accelerator (pay yearly)

Each of these come with a free 15 day trial! You will be able to test everything premium offers. When signing up you will need to give your billing information. If you don’t cancel after your free 15 day trial you will automatically be charged.

Cancelling Your Premium Account

Before cancelling your premium membership, make sure to have the following information:/

  • Your Username (email address or screen name)
  • Mailing address and telephone #
  • The last 4 digits of your credit card, checking account or paypal payment agreement whichever method of payment you chose.
  • Reason for canceling

For United States Users, contact their toll free phone service:

  • (877) NEOPIAN
  • (877) 636 7426

All Other Users: (1) 310.321.6712

You can also cancel your membership through the live support here.

After Canceling

When you cancel premium you will get to keep the Neomail Addict avatar and any items or neopoints you got from the premium services. You will not be able to keep any premium only features. (space faerie charm, the space faerie sidebar, the space faerie avatar, your portal, webmail premium only neoboards and the stealth option.

It has been said that if you are using your premium avatar and/or sidebar when canceling you will get to keep them until you change your avatar and/or sidebar.

Your Portal

The portal has many parts to it. To see a preview of it go HERE.You can change to portal to however you like it. There are 14 different themes each with 4 different color sets. There are also 20 customizable modules. (My items, guilds, trades, auctions, calender, my weather, neopian weather, directions, movies, clock, your neopet info, neo poll, calculation, site stats, my high scores, random game, great games, plushie tycoon, multi-player comp, and favorites! Other parts of the portal include being able to tell when all your friends are on or how long they have been offline, Super Shop Wizard which searches through ever shop in Neopia to find the cheapest price,
your neomails, your neopets webmail, reference, portal feedback, beta testing where you get to test games that aren’t out yet, news tabs, Neodaq, and your stocks. Yes that is a lot! You can learn more about some of these features below.


Do you not like people seeing how long ago you have been on? Go Stealth!

Premium Neoboards

Another special part of premium is are the premium only neoboards! Completely spam free.

Premium Charter Members
A board for longtime Premium Members. If you can see this board, that’s you!
Note: You will see this board after Three Months of being a premium
Help and Newbies
Help and Newbies If you need help or are a new Premium Member with questions, this is your board!
Main Hall
Hang out with other premium members and discuss the finer points of Neopian life. (As always, please keep topics Neopets related. Thanks!)
Spotlights and Games
Get some input on your gallery spotlight entry or get help on that tough game avatar. Your spotlight and game banter goes here.


When you sign up for neopets premium you get your very own neopets email! Your email will be For example, mine is Your webmail is just like any other regular email, not monitored.

Your webmail features:

  • Neopets Emoticons
  • Spell Checker
  • HTML formatting for all E-mail
  • E-mail access through the Neopets Toolbar and the Neopets Portal
  • Special Random Events (see SHH Events section)


Every Friday you will receive your Space Faerie Scratchcard. It isn’t an item, so you can’t sell it, but you are always a winner! You will get a link to it in your webmail.

SHH Events

“SHH events? Don’t I already get those?” you ask. Not these! These special webmail SHH events you get by viewing your portal. You can get one everyday and they appear in your webmail. Each webmail contains np and an item or a rare item if your lucky!

No Advertisements

I think my favorite part of premium is no ads! Enjoy the site ad free. =)

Neomail Addict Avatar

You used to be able to get this avatar by typing “I love neomail” in a neomail but now you can only get it randomly when neomailing. You may already have it but for those who don’t, will receive this avatar. You can still keep this avatar after canceling premium.

Neopoint Rewards

You also get a small neopoint reward for being premium. You get different amounts depending on what premium package you have.

Monthly Web Pack Subscribers

  • 1,000 Neopoints for trying (15 day trial)
  • 1,000 Neopoints for each month extra

Yearly Web Pack Subscribers

  • 2,500 Neopoints for trying (15 day trial)
  • 7,500 Neopoints if you keep it

Monthly Dial-Up Subscribers

  • 2,500 Neopoints for trying (15 day trial)
  • 1,000 Neopoints for every month extra

Premium Collector Cards

Every month you will receive a special premium collector card.
Example: My cards

Beta Testing

By being a premium member you have the chance to beta test many games and features before they come out to general neopians. You cannot earn any np or
score during beta testing but you help TNT by rating the games and reporting any bugs!

Alias Accounts

TNT allows you to have one alias account for extra storage. This alias gets all the features of a normal premium account. You cannot earn neopoints on this account as the rules are still the same for all side accounts. All emails sent to you alias email will be forwarded to you main accounts email. You cannot get webmail SHH events on this account.

You can add or delete your alias here
NOTE: Do not give your alias away!

Sub Accounts

If you have the dial-up service you are allowed five sub accounts that act exactly like a premium account, no restrictions. These sub accounts are best for larger families.
You can add your sub accounts here

Referral Program

This is a special referral program for premium users when they get another user to sign up for neopets premium. Each premium user is allowed to refer up to 20 people.The best part about the referral program is the prizes!

You and your referral must both complete your free trial and continue as a Premium Member to receive any referral awards.

  • 1st Referral = 1,000 neopoints and 10 random codestones
  • 2nd Referral = Lucky Charm
    Note: This is a trophy. With this charm, flash games will randomly double your NP payout.
    Note: If you cancel premium, you will loose this trophy. If you resubscribe on the same account you will get it back.
  • 3rd Referral = Paint Brush
    Choose between: Snow, Electric, Starry, and Disco
  • 4th Referral = Premium Avatar
    Note: This avatar will not count towards your number of unlocked in your userlookup.
    Note: If you cancel premium, you will loose this avatar. If you resubscribe on the same account you will get it back.
  • 5th Referral = Unique Sidebar
    Note:If you cancel premium you will not loose this sidebar.
  • 10th Referral = Choose One of 5 collector’s packages.
    • Stamp Collection (Assorted Fruits Stamp, Mystery Island, Kougra Stamp, Skeith Bank Manager Stamp, Island Native Stamp, Esophagor Stamp, Hubrid Nox Stamp, Coco Stamp)
    • Purple Collection (Purple Skateboard, Purple Juppie Pudding, Purple Poogle Toy, Purple Stocking, Regal Purple Petpet Cushion, Purple Mynci Puppet, Purple Zafara Plushie, Purple Ixi Acorn)
    • Battledome Collection (Earthen Scorchstone, Downsize!, Lost Desert Dagger, Scarab Stone Slingshot)
    • Garden Collection (Yellow Chomby Gnome, Star of Paradise Flower, Stylishly Simple Pond, Rubber Plant, Furry Autumn Bushes)
    • Musical Instrument Collection (Harmonica, Silver Triangle, Accordion, Saxophone, Piano, Oboe)
  • 15th Referral = Choose One of 6 collector’s packages.
    • The same five options as above (you can choose the same one over)
    • Plushie Collection ( Baby Zafara Plushie, Yellow Yurble Plushie, Cloud Kiko Plushie, Island Acara Plushie )
  • 20th Referral = Choose One of 7 collector’s packages
    • The same five options as above (you can choose the same one over)
    • Cupcake Collection (Olive Cupcake, Gooseberry Cupcake, Kreludan Jelly Cupcake, Chocolate Poogle Cupcake, Orange Kougra Cupcake, Pomegranate Cupcake, Iced Eyrie Cupcake)

Getting an Invite

This is the simplest part! All you have to do is neomail me for a invite!/

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask me!

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